Tips on Spray Painting TE Bezel


Anything I should know for sure before I dive into this? I’ll be painting it black, bought Rust-Oleum Black spray paint, specialty for plastic, also Rust-Oleum Gloss Crystal Clear. Never spray painted anything before, the can says I should wait an hour between each coat. I’m not sure how many coats I should do, just until the black seems completely solid? Same goes for the gloss, multiple coats of gloss, just one? Any tricks to painting and dry this particular piece?

All advice appreciated, thank you.


I use Rustoleum Vinyl/Fabric and Krylon Triple Thick Crystal Glaze clearcoat. Spray in wide arcs far from the bezel to lightly cover it, over and over and over again, then wait 15 minutes, spray again over and over until the coat is nice and even. Then wait a couple hours, then spray your clearcoat trying to get as even a coat as possible. Gently stand with 600 grit sandpaper, repeat.

That’s how I’ve done it before anyway.


Make sure you use vinyl dye and not spraypaint. The dye wont come off from wear; normal spraypaint can.


i heard soaking the sandpaper in water also helps. theres no prep needed for the bezel before spraying?


I know some people don’t use vinyl clear coat, make sure you get a clear coat for lacquer based paints (not enamel), also if your interested in changing to krylon it actually works quite well with adhesion promoter + the lacquer clear coat