Tips on tick throwing techniques?

Hi, I’m new here…I recognize some XBL Tags here though! Anyways, I primarily main Vega but lately I’ve decided to use other characters to get better with them. I’ve really enjoyed using Gief and Hawk and I’ve checked out their respective threads but I’m still having trouble getting tick throws down.

With both of them, I can easily tick from a dive but as far as ticking out of Light punch/kick/normals, I can’t do it. I’m not understanding just HOW it really works…do I hit Light Kick while holding one of the punches then release negative edge to get a throw? What timing should I be looking for? Any tips would help or perhaps direction into a comprehensive thread for it as I haven’t found it on here.


This video is old and I’ve improved a lot since then, but it should still be helpful.

The easiest way to practice with Hawk is just go next to your opponent, do a St.Forward, wait a second, and Typhoon. It might take a couple days to actually get the whole thing down.

I think what you need to work on depends more on what’s happening when you try to tick throw. The biggest problem I see with people who are learning that is they try to cancel into the command grab too fast. You’ll know this happens when you tick them with a move (say, Hawk’s Standing Forward), then you go for the throw and get the whiff animation, even when they’re obviously in range. If that happens, you did the command throw too early.

Gotcha, thanks for the info. Jiggly, I’ve seen a fair amount of your videos on YouTube through GameFAQs and you’re ticks are extremely impressive(as is your entire Hawk game). I fought a Gief the other night, DrunkenBlueX, and he ticked flawlessly. I do well with most of the cast but Gief is one of my weaker characters.

The canceling was something I forgot to ask about. I thought you had to cancel the animation in order to tick throw because, at least to me, that’s what it’d look like when I was thrown. Does the command have to be entered right after the normal hits(i.e. when that starburst-looking image flashes) or during? I think the part that confuses me most is how Hawk’s light punches transition easily into a Typhoon during the block stun. I’ll get into practice mode and try it out though!

The reason you don’t want to tick cancel too early is because, in Street Fighter, a character cannot be thrown if he or she is in hitstun or blockstun. If you cancel into a command throw too fast, you won’t get the throw because your opponent is still recovering from the normal you did before.

The goal of a tick throw is to execute the throw the exact frame your opponent comes out of hitstun or blockstun, or at least a couple of frames after. The only way to escape a properly spaced tick throw is a reversal.

All right, so I was able to successfully tick throw in Training Mode fairly well. I don’t have it 100% consistent yet but I’ve got it down so far thanks to the tips from you guys. Against actual people on Ranked, I was able to do it every now and then. My problem was that I was canceling way, way too fast which is what I still do during matches online. Thanks for the help!

FYI negative edging is unnecessary due to the whiff, don’t make it complicated on yourself =D

Yeah, it would have been useful to learn to negative edge it with Hawk in ST, but in STHD, it’s pretty unnecessary.

The best tick throwing technique is this; if it makes them angry, keep doing it.

Tick throwing: Tick them off by throwing.

yeah that was pretty much how my match vs Jiggly went too :xeye:

splash - tick - typhoon - meaty splash - tick - typhoon - lose.

A good way to improve your tick throwing timing is to go into Training Mode and set the CPU to Jump constantly. When the CPU lands attempt your tick throws. With Zangief maybe try ducking LP LP LP then SPD. If your timing is wrong the CPU will jump out of it… If you get it correct you will get a 3 hit combo tick’d into SPD. :). You can do this with Hawk also if you want to perfect the timing there.

Also be sure to Piano your inputs when ticking. It will help you achieve them more consistently.

It helped me :).

This. Exactly what I did, too. If you whiff, too early, if they jump, too late. Just find that sweet spot and stick with it.

Also, practice ticks from all different attacks. The timing off a jab is obviously different than off a forward, etc. So familiarize yourself with each.

You know, you can also see this visually. Look for the point at which they start to slow down from sliding backwards. Much easier to see if you’re ticking from a medium attack or a hard attack, but it’s another practical method to get that timing down. Whether it’s links or tick throws, it’s all about rhythm, mon. :slight_smile:

True. Rhythm is key. I can tick throw SPD consistently with a single tap, no need for piano’ing. Still piano with the reversals, though. :rofl:

Well I do not fault you for pianoing, in advantage you can get use, since his lariat is decent at best and cannot be pianoed. You can increase you chances of getting the reversal lariat by releasing the buttons as soon as you get the lariat. Because button releases are button inputs so it gives you one extra frame to work with(equivalent to doing two lariats). And that means everything especially online when it is difficult to time the first frame. I wonder if you input the slow AND fast lariat would it increase your chances of getting either one, if you include button releases which gives four frames to work with? Not sure if someone can answer please do.

Button-up a.k.a. negative-edging lariats doesn’t work. It only works for specials that involve a motion or charge.

I’m trying out different attacks now in Training to see what I can tick and whatnot. I can USUALLY hit it without pianoing but as I said, it’s hard for me to do it in a real match still. Is there any attack that Hawk can’t really tick out of? I’m also figuring out just how much of a throw range both Gief and Hawk have since my throws whiff from bad timing or because I’m out of range.

Tick throw attempts go awry when you use an attack that doesn’t leave you with frame advantage. In other words, if the attack makes contact, whether it hits or is blocked, if they recover from hit/block stun before you do, they’ll likely hit you before you can do anything. :slight_smile: This is most likely with hard attacks that can’t be interrupted, but there are examples of light and medium attacks that can’t be interrupted out there, too.

You can get more information about this from my HDR Cross-up, Link, and Combo FAQ on If you go to T.Hawk’s links, I pretty much tell you what his best moves to link from are. Those are also the best attacks to tick from. That’s true for any character…whether the attack is cancellable or not. Beyond that, any attack that can be cancelled into a special throw and, using my FAQ, any attack that I have listed in the link section as a “link combo starter” (meaning you can link moves after connecting it) are good attacks to use as tick throw setups.

Read my FAQ. There’s a wealth of useful information on it. Go. Now. Read. :slight_smile: