Tips on Tick Throws

A question I get asked a lot online is “Yo Joe Lewis why are your tick throws so godlike!?”

Here are some things that I may feel will be helpful

  • T.Hawks tick game is 100% reliant on your reaction and your opponents reaction
    Online is notorious of this: You are in a block string and rather than complete the string you go for a tick throw and get reversal something. As a player you have to then think weather or not is is wise to do it again. When your opponent reacts to something they are giving you small pieces of information as to how they will face you as a player. If a I do Jab-Jab-SPD but they DP me out they are aware of tick throw setups. The next situation it comes up I will do Jab-Jab-NOTHING. By doing nothing I show that I respect the fact that they may DP however I stay in their face. If they sit there and look at me while I just sit there THEN I will SPD them. That is a small situation that shows that you have be aware of what the player is capable of. If they react to something you did adjust. My personal rule is that if they do it twice, they will do it 80% of the time.

- Don’t do the same tick set up everytime

  •   What makes me better than most thawks, in my personal opinion, is that I do a very good job in never making anything obvious however, I make things obvious when I have to. This comes down into know T.Hawks normals VERY well. I know that SPD if possible after certain normals for example, Both versions of Jab, Crouching Jab, Short, Stand Strong. The reason why they are considered "tick setup normals" is because they have 0 advantage on block. If a move is 0 on block that means, in the most basic of terms, you can SPD after it. Knowing what normals you can use does wonders because then the ability to do various block strings and that way you are not showing your opponant the same thing and then they will have to be ready 100% of the time when they are on block. If you get them in a 50/50 situation and you throw them A LOT they will start to question what they think is a tick throw and whats not. Once you get inside their head then you can just mess with them.*

-Tick throws are not always on block
What I like to do which is OLD ST trick is do tick setups on HIT. Usually, but not always, your opponent will respect a link you do and have you complete it if you hit them. If they do this a lot they are respecting your ability to do links and will either hold back in case you make a mistake or do nothing; depends. What I found works is every once and a while if you get a hit confirm in do a SPD instead of completing the link. That way it does three fold, 1: DOES MORE DAMAGE and 2: Puts them in a 50/50 situation 3: Messes with their head. With those three things they can help you get a V a lot quicker. Now for you online warriors its true that the “WHAT IF I GET REVERSALED DURING MY LINK!?” question happens it goes to what I said earlier. The success or "un?"success is reliant on your opponants responses to what you do.

Ghetto tick throws are not only more funny when they happen, but are extremely effective
A ghetto tick throw is a term a coined. What it means is that you do a move which is OBVIOUSLY not a tick setup but you do it anyway. For example. This setup is a ghetto tick throw setup
Jab-Jab-Conder Spire-SPD
The Conder Spire will whiff and hit them put you CRAZY NEGATIVE on block stun but since you are most likly going to get punished anyway just throw it out there see what happens. YOU WILL AMAZED as to what might or might not happen. Again this goes with what your opponent reacts to.

Tick throwing is really hard to get down because your effectiveness is 100% reliant on what you show your opponent and what your opponent show you but I hope these tips are helpful.

Good article Joe. All of the stuff you posted is really true and I’ve actually been doing a lot of that lately (some people that I spar with let me know about the “drop” your combo and spd).

I like all the stuff you’re doing for this board Joe. Keep up the good work. :smiley:

This is great. I love tick throws. I tick throw a lot with my Gief but not NEARLY as much when I play as Hawk. Part of that is probably because I’m much better with Gief, and partly because of Gief’s godlike SPD range.

Reading this has inspired me to up my tick game with Hawk.

great article, I like how you broke it down into different types of ticks.

My Grammar is poor in this… but I think the brain may have auto corrected what I meant to say…

Geif has more tricks that T.Hawk does which gives him the ability to be more creative. That is the hardest part; You have to be really creative so that you opponant does not know what to do. Going in training mode helps to. Just playing theroy fighter. I have fun in training mode because I discover new things with T.hawk everyday. The tick throw game is something you can’t really practice in training mode. You can practice certain setups in training mode yes but its just a matter of practicing tne set ups over and over. and the more set ups you have the more options you have

Good stuff.

Feels like there’s been more action on the Hawk board lately. I’m sure some of it is due to the release of AE, but even then, there’s been discussion in the current threads, and some good new threads like this one, and the Cross-up Condor Dive thread.

Now if only we could get a well-organized, updated-for-AE matchup thread. I’d suggest a combo thread too, but what in the hell are combos?