Tips on transitioning from a Happ stick to a TE stick?


I apologize in advance if this is the wrong forum, but I figured it was a fit here.

I know practice is key, but I’m having a helluva time making the transition from my MAS Happ stick to the TE stick. Moves that end on a corner are (obviously) much easier to pull off, but I’m having trouble executing qcf moves of all things. Qcb? No problems at all.

I’m practicing my ass off, but it seems that I’m really not becoming any more consistent. It’s discouraging to say the least, but I definitely see the merits of a square gate and want to work through it.

Any tips from people who have made the transition previously? I’d much appreciate em’


Get an Octo gate and do the JLF ultimate mod. You’ll thank me for this later.

…At least do the JLF ultimate mod.


Are you bumping into the corner when doing QCFs?

If you have SFIV or another game that shows input in training mode, what usually shows up as your inputs when you try QCF?


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To answer your actual question, it’s because inevitably they’re creating a topic that has already been discussed dozens of times. For instance, just about every day a new topic is created about square vs. octagon gates. Should I use which, which is best, etc.


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Anyway, back to the OP… one thing you can try doing is not using the full diameter of the joystick hole to slide the stick around. Instead of a circular motion for QCF try making more of a triangle. So: from the neutral position, push down on the joystick, then diagonally up to the right, and then release so it swings back to the neutral.

Think about your moves as you’d put them in if you were playing on a keyboard. QCF= Down arrow > Forward arrow.


thank …I have to try this. I’m like a scavenger collecting stick tips and experiences


Yep, the best way to do QC movements on a square that I’ve found is to avoid hitting the gate at all, as it tends to get hung up in the corner, making 2xQC moves a serious pain. I also had a good experience moving to an octo gate, I’d try to pick one up so you can try both and see what you prefer.


put some silicon for the 4 corners of the gate to make it more circular. but you need to let it dry for one day though works great


Ahh see I’ve been doing the exact opposite of that. I’ve been actively trying to hit the corner, thinking that was what was killing me.

Didn’t think anything about setting up the display in training mode either. I’ll definitely be doing that tonight.


If you move the stick half way in any direction, you should hear the switches click. All you need is for them to click.

When I got my MadCatz SE stick, it was my first square-gated stick. Shoruykens and charge moves are way easier for me now since I can use the corners to lock in the movements. 360s and QC movements should come naturally, no need to keep the gate in mind when doing those moves. In fact, in SF4 and SFTHD, you don’t even need the full 360.

Best of luck.


Yeah, in general, stay out of the corner, unless you’re ending a move there (DP, etc). Feel how the stick feels in Down, and in Right, then just try to connect the two without slapping the corner. QC/HC moves work in an imaginary circle within the square.


Thanks for the info guys. I really appreciate it.


also install a Bat Top on the JLF. I installed one on my TE stick and it just felt much much better on my hands.


That’s the first mod I’m planning to do when I get my TE stick. Strip off the loli pop and put on a bat top. I might also double up on the actuator spring as I like a bit more tension than the JLF’s provide.