Tips on Triangle Jumping Problems (And General OTG Movement)

Earlier this year this thread was started:
Just before the forum changed. I got hooked on doom, and the knowledge that was sent my way there was great. Unfortunately after the down time it was abandoned.

I was getting frustrated with how quick some of the people were getting Doom BnB’s. But then I realized that the art of Fighting Games is growing on me in general. It’s starting to sink in. Its just taking time.

Will you help? I’ve looked the internet over to try and solve this problem:
I can’t carry Doom BnB’s specifically in the air M, M, Forward-H, S, into a relaunch. My focus is the airdash down, and then the distance that needs to be covered to the next relaunch

Since I knew it was going to be hard to analyze my problem I made a video you can watch to see if you perhaps pick-up where I’m going wrong.

Sorry the quality is garbage, I’ve never done anything like this before, (Let alone upload to youtube…) the mic was super quite too so you’ll have to crank your speakers/headphones. I also threw in some footage of my not-so-handiwork too.

You guys don’t know how much I appreciate this. Thanks for taking the time to hear me out.


Dude could you give me some tips on how to do that doom loop?(new player trying to learn doom)

In the corner? Sure. After you launch press two mediums. Then press Forward heavy. Then S. You have to let go of the stick when you press S or you’ll accidentally Team Ariel Combo. Now the somewhat tricky part.

You have to Air Dash Down. Doom’s one of those characters with 8-way air dashes, so he can go any way you choose. Don’t dash like other fighters tho (with the mashing of the same direction twice). Instead hold the direction you want to go (in this case Down) and press two attack buttons. Now he’ll drift downwards. But you want him to be quick. So while he’s in the airdash if you press an attack like Medium he’ll race to the ground.

Once you hit the ground press either Medium OR Heavy (i like Heavy) and then immediately press S. Once you go up do it all over again. If your timing is abit off on the first time up, your combo is going to fall short somewhere during the 3rd rep.

When you complete the third rep and your doing your air-dash down, DONT press an attack. This way he’ll just drift down enabling you to do a quarter-circle-foward attack (medium or heavy). This is called a plasma beam. While the beam is going on finish with a quarter-circle-back-two-attacks.

This is consider an “Easy” combo in the marvel community. Although I should mention it took me a long ass time to figure it out. Doom feels so different once he’s in the air compared to some of the fundamental characters (like wesker or captain america). Their normal linking combos (or ‘magic series’ as they are known) are much different then Doom’s. So I had to rap my head around that. Then I had to contend with the airdash (i was dashing like you would in street fighter or other FG’s). And also frustrating for awhile was doing the double foot-dive. One tip is when your pressing Medium-Medium in the air you can already be holding forward. Pressing Medium-Forward in the corner does not input a different attack then just pressing Medium. in this way you can ‘buffer’ Heavy-Forward, ahead of time so that your already letting your stick return to neutral when your pressing S for the second footdive.

The full combo you’ll often see start with Crouching Light, Medium, Heavy then S and everything i’ve explained above. But when your practicing just practice the hard parts. Not the best for execution but at this point your just trying to get it down so focus on the frustrating parts first. That link I posted in my original post, a ton of others were able to slowly dissect the problem for me, and helped me actually want to learn the character in the first place. So if you need more help with the corner combo feel free to ask, or tread on over to that post. :wink:

Apparently I’ll actually start to feel like I ‘get’ marvel once I can learn mid-screen combos. But at this point I’m stuck and i’m desperate here. I’m really hoping some folks come along and check out what i’m doing WRONG in the video. But thanks for noticing what i’m doing RIGHT Chuckz15. :wink:

You’re supposed to dash cancel down-forward, rather than just down as you currently are for the M-M-FootDive-FootDive outside of the corner.

D: seriously? is it that simple!? (air dashes to playstation immediately)

Wow. I actually hit a few. Thank you VERY much Captain.
I wasn’t able to follow it with a H, launch. I could only mange M, Launch.

One of the things that was throwing me off was I’m pressing Down-Foward now, but in the dash it almost appears as if he’s crouching and going directly down (not down forward). I’ll play with it and see what I can improve upon.

Assuming I can get it, thank you! It’ll be the first BnB in this game that I may actually be able to sustain myself off of. Where should I go with doom next? Learn his incoming TAC’s? A more complex combo?

I noticed Clockwork’s corner loop is quite different where he lands on the ground on what looks like the 3rd (maybe 2nd) rep and jumps up does plasma beam, lands, jumps does plasma beam, cancels into finger lazers.

Is this done with DownForward Air-dashes as well?

From a practical standpoint, even the top players just use that footdive loop because it’s hard to drop. If you want to learn harder stuff, it would be mazio midscreen/corner loops starting with j.L. Even though I can do these, I never actually use them in a match because the chance of dropping it isn’t worth the extra damage, unless you are anchor and you need every bit of damage for the kill.

Clock’s double beam is becuase he has vajra assist, Doom can’t do that solo.

Dude thanks I had no idea that pressing M makes doom fall to the ground quicker, I was wondering how people were dropping so fast after DFAD, back to the lab.

Thank you for the info. Yesterday I spent afew hours, trying to tighten my timing on the corner carry. I respect the honesty here too stryder. Like your saying you could try for this combo, but it’s going to be less efficient. In that case, perhaps if I nail this down I’ll go back to attempting the buktooth loops. Those seem to be all about the mastery of the j.M and letting it hit twice while advancing into a ADDF+M. I see them used on stream a bit more frequently which tells me some people prefer this loop and finishing with a level3 because the hitstun doesn’t get a chance to scale dangerously high. Like sometimes if I try to super (in particular with smaller characters) if you get too the 3rd and sometimes even the second rep on a corner loop, your level3 wont hit. I have a feeling with the buktooth loop you get to feel more in control of the timing.

And so far that’s what it’s started to feel like in the Training room. Feel more in control over all. Starting to get an imaginary sense of where the hit boxes are and where they’ll fall with the right timing and execution.

Chukz15 i was glad it could help. When I’m in the corner I find myself doing DFAD+M on the first and second rep. I find i stick to an ADD wo/attack for the final rep cause when I plasma beam it’s better positioned above their head. I haven’t noticed if the damage is any higher but the placement, and that sense of control I mentioned earlier is more apparent. Like instead of doing it all the time, i’m only doing it when i want too.

Finally the only part that is impossible for me right now is starting a 3rd rep going mid-screen to corner. Like my timing coming off the ground back into the third rep is abit to slow and I’m not getting the first medium hit soon enough so they are dropping out of the second footdive. I’ve been laming this out with a Finger-Lazers Super for the mean time, but it’s something I need to practice more. I imagine when the first rep becomes fairly reliable I’ll be able to push for the 2nd connection into a third rep.

Thanks for your input guys :wink:

Last night I’m watching levelUp: runback, and alex valle is shown playing… i think it was one of the Chinese players that came over for FR16. I know Alex plays all the FG’s but I can’t recall ever seeing his marvel. His team Cap, and like so much of SoCal (thanks to Clockwork) Doom/Strider. Does he have game? Ultimately he looses 3/2 after being two up. But his execution on doom looked smooth. He was air grabbing with doom, coming back to earth starting a Heavy and pushing them into the corner. I believe this helped him take the first and second games. I noticed he was using heavy to relaunch too!

Today i’m just chilling watching some of the FR16 off stream matches. Kaneblueriver vs Yipes, Moonz vs Antman, etc. Xian’s match, he’s doing morridoom. Same thing, using heavy! So i rewind that. And then I look and then I rewind. And then I look. Rewind. Oh my god.

He’s simply ADDF, land IMMEDIATELY Up-Forward/Down-Forward-AirDash, HEAVY.

I give it a go. At first I keep doing my Mashing of Dash. and the way I been doing it up till now has been, Land-dash-CancelUp-Forward/Down-Forward-AirDash, Medium. It works on the first rep. but there simply isn’t enough hitstun to keep them for a 3rd rep. Using the proper (and arguably easier method) I’m now landing heavies and pushing them into a third rep, and a level 3 super.

Damn. This stuff all seems so practical and now i’m starting to understand why people use the term, ‘easy’, once it’s all laid out in front of you.

But for the past few months I’ve been LIVING on and frankly no matter how many times i’ve seen it done, or explained, sometimes you just gotta slow it down.

This is the corner push I’ll be practicing from now on, and ultimately solves my Triangle-dashing problems. Frankly I’m not even sure if I’ll bother learning bucktooth loops cause the timing seems so much harder then simply crushing them out with Heavy Footstomps.

I love you Doctor Doom. Any questions please feel free to ask.

Dr. Doom’s combos can be surprisingly specific, and surprisingly poorly articulated by those who would describe or show how to do them. One thing I don’t remember anyone pointing out when I was learning this stuff was that you want to wait until you get visual confirmation of the S footdive actually hitting your opponent before cancelling it with an airdash in order to maintain the fastest timing on everything. Usually I end up pressing the M, M, F+H, S sequence so fast I have to actually pause for a fraction of a second to allow that S footdive to hit before airdashing. But when I remember to do that, everything proceeds smoothly.

Oh yeah, and there are certain times when you want to use specific buttons of Doom’s to OTG and relaunch. So normally his loops are done with s.H to OTG, then s.S to launch, but for instance when you throw them, the combo scaling is a little tighter due to timing, so I typically OTG with s.M and then use s.F+H (Hard Kick) to launch them, because that imparts less hitstun overall and helps me keep them in the combo for longer. Also, I can’t tell you how many level 3’s I missed before realizing that the best way is to use s.M to OTG them into the level 3, not s.H, again due to hitstun reasons. The s.M does a lot better job of preventing them from popping out while you cancel into the level 3 hyper.

Thank you for the tips jetman81. I noticed that the MAJORITY of people on stream are using s.M + Hardkick to relaunch and I was starting to wonder why.
I sometimes use s.M into supers to finish the combo but I find that while it is more likely to hit when its input correctly (ie: QUICKLY) s.H sometimes gives you more leniency depending on the character you’re pummeling. But generally who isn’t justing throwing those commands out there! So i can see what you mean. s.M would be much easier to level 3 into.

I just want to say thanks a lot for posting this. I’m finding that Doom and Magneto have combos that everyone seems to describe without articulating little nuances that actually matter a lot in terms of making the combo work. This is VERY helpful–hopefully I can get this sort of info about Magneto soon!

Bill I’ve messed around with Magneto abit. I find a lot of the Gravity Pull-Toward Loops have a ton to do with being able to SuperJump without the auto S feature. Basically my limited understanding is since your pulling him down towards you just before you superjump (and then superjump cancel into an airdash hit). But of course your never able to auto Lanch off of S like you can with Doctor doom cause the hitbox and timing is so different.

This might be one of the reasons I often hear him recommended as a great character to pick up if your new to it cause he’ll teach you some great fundamentals.

Funny I have the same problem now. I can do Doom Loops in the Corner easily, but I can’t get the Air dash DF without TAC. -_-

Found this out a couple days ago, spent so much time wondering why Level 3’s were not connecting very helpful indeed.