Tips on working Around the DP Shortcut?

Ok so ive had my TE and SSF4 for like 3 days and im having major problems combing into supers. Im using Cammy and Sagat and its like I have to ride the gate hard for like a 30% chance a super will come out and not a DP.

I go into training mode and the motions are on screen but its not consistently coming out could I be doing quarter circles too fast?

I played 3s and a lil CvS2 competitive from 03-05 and like 80% of the tourneys I went to were on jpn sticks but Ive only played like 2hs of the OG SF4 so im really not used to this. Lol I just need some tips or am I jumping the gun and ill be comfortable with it in a few weeks?

So you’re getting SRKs instead of the super?

I don’t think it’s possible to do a motion too fast, the game is reading inputs at 60 frames a second.

Maybe if you could post a video or a picture of the motions we can isolate the problem. If you put in :qcf::qcf:+:p: then the super will come out, there has to be something else coming up or missing.

Video would be great, but actually that shouldn’t have anything to do with the shortcut. What it sounds like at a glance is that you’re hitting :p: too soon, and your inputs are looking something like :qcf::d::df::p::r: rather than :qcf::qcf::p:… I know I had that problem for a while.

It seems you are using the shortcut instead of doing the super properly, ie you are finishing on d/f rather than f for your super motion. Put it in training mode and inputs on then look at it. Super has more priority than shoryuken, so super should always come out.

If you’re trying to do a super and getting a dp, it has nothing to do with the dp shortcut. You’re just hitting the button too early.

in 3s you could do supers that way but in this game you’ll get an srk every time. the way i do it is i continue the last quarter circle motion so it ends in the up-forward direction. it helps me to hit the buttons on the forward input instead of the down-forward input.

As an aside, I think its a bad idea to ride the gate for circular motions. It’s inefficient. And don’t take that as a reason to replace your gate, cause thats stupid, just don’t ride the gate.

:df::df::p: = dp

:df::df::r::p: = super

practice it in training mode just by sliding the stick from down back to down forward riding the bottom of the gate without moving it up the sides and you’ll get the hang of it

it’s also a lot faster / more consistent to just do :df::df::p: as anti-air dp

you can also use this method to buffer a super / ultra without your character jiggling up and down

That is actually incorrect.

I’m about 97% sure that hitting down-forward will make your character dip.

it definitely works

you can disagree on df df p being a faster way to anti-air

but both methods work for dp and super / ultra

@ saikyo dan i meant hitting down forward not by moving from neutral position to down forward but moving across the bottom from crouch blocking position to df df p

i guess a more specific way to show the buffer would be this: (starting from a crouch blocking position)


No, it doesn’t. D/F, D/F is not a valid motion for dp. It takes three inputs.***-misconceptions-sf4-game-system-mechanics-great-read-***-218447/

oh, my mistake

the motions in my second post work though

but just doing df df p without any down motions is pretty unlikely so it makes sense why that became the common way to describe the dp shortcut

thanks for the clarification

Ya thanks for the help guys. In training mode I’m deff hitting attack at the :df: lol so they replaced or prioritized one shortcut with another.

I was also having the same prob a bit with ultras but mostly combing in to super since during combos i’m a bit more frantic. Feels like im playing in slow mo now ha.

You’re not doing shortcuts, you’re just not doing enough inputs.

Ya what i mean ive been doing :qcf: :d::df::k::r: