Tips regarding a certain motion?


When doing a combo transitioning from forward punch into quarter circle forward punch is frustrating me to no end.

I’ll want to do forward Punch into QCF Punch but what I get is forward Punch into DP.

Man sometimes I’ll get it but 80% of the times its a DP.

I can do fireballs as part of other combos just not when its preceded by forward punch and once again forward punch into DP is NOT what I want to do, haha.

Anyways thanks for you time.


Welp I figured it out I think.

I was transitioning poorly, trying to do the combo too fast I guess? Gotta tap forward punch then briefly release the stick to neutral instead of going from forward punch directly into QFC.

Me noob, been in training room for a few hours trying to get that one part.


You can do it as fast as you want to.
You have to press forward+punch then instead of going QCF you go HCF.


Thank you, yeah I think I got it now.


You’re probably getting a DP because you’re hitting the punch button before you input the forward motion. So your punch input corresponds with a down+forward input instead of a forward input.


Agreed, Always turn on the key data when you have issues like this. I was having problems doing Sims yoga flame and realized I was hitting the punch on the down or down back input instead of on back or slightly after the back. From there I was able to speed up the HCB input and delay the punch a bit and I can hit it fairly consistently now. Just takes practice and knowing where to look for your mistakes.