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Could anyone direct to me to a muscle anatomy link? I know it was asked for already, but I’m going to.:slight_smile: Yes, anatomy, like muscles… Can’t draw really defined muscles (i.e. Gouki, or just regular Ken or Ryu), so I’d appreciate much if someone could give me pictures, every muscle viewed at some point, of muscles. Lol. That was redundant. Veins would be nice too, as I’d know where to draw them and all for said muscled characters…and for my own original character.^^



I could use tips on


2.Clothing folds

3.and info on cheap tablets


research this stuff on the web, look at bodybuilding mags.
SFMC did a nice diagram on basic muscle structure sometime back.

clothing folds - set up a piece of cloth in the way you want to draw it. use it as a reference.


youngblud, check out
they have 4"x5" wacom tablets for $78 and 6"x8" for $159, both graphix not intuous. that is the cheapest place i have seen on the web for tablets.

good tip for drawing wrinkles, rook. as an alternative, someone can also look at some classical art for reference. i recommend michelangelo and some other renaissance artists for drawing clothing. their works are so close to the real thing, i dont think you can go wrong in imitating their style. so as a rule, i think you can draw from illustrations as long as the artist makes an accurate depiction of the clothing. (also check out some comic artists like alex ross or travis charest). i have the link to most comic artists--
check out this site for some really really nice art.


Good look out zen :slight_smile:


and most importantly, Rob Liefeld is NOT someone to imitate for realism :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


do you even have to say that, rook? i would rather ppl draw something with a pencil between their ass cheeks than see someone imitate liefield’s horrible art.


ZenMaster thank you for saying that.Im glad Im not the only one who feels the same way-
Actually I was asking earlier if anyone had seen or heard from ROB.L… he tries to make them characters tough but for some reason they always had a look of constipation/discomfort on their face almost Mocking the human figure with ridiculous proprtions/anatomy- .Even back in the day looking at his artwork and some his characters (not to mention colours he used for the uniforms) I knew something was seriously wrong:eek:…(not to be harsh I know he was young at the time) but almost laughable in some cases.


and that’s the truth :slight_smile:

the comment wasn’t directed at you, hope you didn’t take it that way… just wanted to give my $0.02 in case there were some RL fans out there who thought that it was something good to learn. It was pretty hot back in the day… it was really depressing to see whole comics drawn by someone trying to emulate his style.

heads should not be the same size as biceps.
thighs are not tree trunks.

<-- in a ranty mood.



I’d like some wrinkle tuts sir. Thanx.


Ill do some soon, but there is alot of explaining to do. I seen a book somewhere Burn Hogarth did about dynamic wrinkles. You should go get that cause he’ll it pretty well. Travis Charest does a good job also so go look at his stuff too, as that is where I learned to draw wrinkles from.



Just remember points where wrinkles will pull.


Pretend I had a pencil image, such as this:

How would I go about coloring it in Photoshop?


scan it in and then color select - black, copy as a new layer, then color under it. but if you really want to color it, since it’s already shaded so much already, i would trace it over without any shadows and then add those in photoshop.


man i cant beleive i didnt see that select color thing, damn!!!, coloring will be so much easyer now

thx genreal tso! :smiley:


Does anyone have any good links to calligraphy tutorials? I could really use the ability to add nice calligraphy to my drawings…


:slight_smile: Give me some time to dig up my favorite influences.


what if i want to clean this pic (hope you dont mind seanCarlos)

by clean i mean take away the shading and keeping the contour.


you’ll probably have to retrace it. it’s gonna be really difficult to remove the shadows and keep the shape because all the shades of shadows are very similar.


ok well say something more like… this!

what if i want to make the lines more clear but i dont have a scanner?