Tips to avoid lag while playing sfiv online?

Im very new to this fighting game online matchmaking. Im planning in buying a ps3 next week, and Im going to play sf4/ssf4 hardcore, but the most viable option for me will be playing online.
I already have a wii and I connect to the internet via wifi (I use a router). I have been playing mario kart, and even though lag exists, the game is still playable. Then I wanted to play tatsunoko vs capcom, but the lag was just unbearable. Im in Los Angeles South California, and I was searching for players locally, but still sometimes lag was just bad. An opponent jumps, I push back in order to block his air attack, then I try to press down-back in order to block a crouch string combo … but because of lag, the down-back was inputted half a second later and I ate the whole combo.
I did some research, and theres people saying that I should port forward my router, do DMZ ( dont know whats that ), or buy a lan adapter and connect my console directly to the internet.
Is this the same with sfiv?
I have a verizon dsl, my download speed is 6.77mbps, upload speed 0.73mbps, and ping 30ms. My router is wrt54g2 by the way.
With this background, can I experience lag by playing with friends in the Los Angeles Area?
Do I need more speed like verizon fios?
Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Wired connection… pretty bad idea to play wirelessly… only bit of advice I can offer
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Thanks for the advice. My router is a wrt54g2. I really need that dmz tutorial.

I can’t say much about TvC’s netcode but I can vouch for SF4’s. You won’t be playing with game-changing lag most of the time if you play people with a 3 bar+ connection. A good connection and location go hand in hand. I haven’t done anything special and I get acceptable connections all around the country. Even in your area and im in NJ.(Shout out to SneakyJamez) Bottom line is you’ll have plenty of people with a good connection to play.
P.S. Remember right after SF4’s release when the connection meant nothing? Lol

If you are going to be playing SF IV online then you need to run an ethernet wire to your router. This means no more playing wirelessly. Wireless gaming = huge lag, don’t listen to anyone who tells you that there is no lag with wireless gaming.

You can google how to setup DMZ on your router.

So having faster speeds like 15mbps means nothing in order to avoid lag? I know for a fact that ping plays a huge role here. I used to play in GGPO and whenever I found players with pings over 100 the lag was horrible. On the other hand when the ping was around 50 the matches had no lag AT ALL!
Someone care to elaborate more on this?

I would be at AI or Denjin all the time if i lived in Socal. much cheaper than NYC CTF

15mbps isn’t really speed, its bandwidth. Its how much internets you can handle. You can still have fast internets without large internets.
So in regards to that, the least laggy people for you to play against would be people online in your area. Just look for people with 4/5 bars and kick everyone else from your games. If you are still lagging consistently, then there is some other device on your network that is bogging things down. Try removing everything from your network except for your ps3 and then check if its still laggy. If it is…then your ISP sucks, but if it isn’t laggy anymore, then start adding stuff back to your network 1 by 1 until you find the culprit.
Also, DMZ only lets you connect to others easier. If you’re getting “connection error blahblah” or “failed to join game” and stuff like that, then putting your computer in the DMZ may help, but it wont make your lag any better. Its really not even worth worrying about unless you start getting a ton of those errors…because I think the ps3 has some measures to get around NAT issues.

ps. wireless sucks

I have my NAT setup correctly, I have the bandwidth and ping tests saying I have a great connection blah blah blah and I still can only find people with 4 bars max.

The lag is so bad sometimes when I push back it doesn’t even block, it’s ridiculous.

It really all depends. There are plenty of people out there running default router settings on wireless who are less laggy than dudes with ZOMG WIRED DMZ. Depends how strong your physical connection is and how smart your router is about gaming traffic for a start, and your ISP’s network and routing will be a bigger issue than anything but a blatantly obvious LAN problem.

What’s the best way to ensure your connection is adequate?

Ping test. I can’t fully remember how to do one.

Someone clarify?

isnt that done with those sites where they test your speed somehow?

Excellent thread please nominate

So much work

I don’t have set up all of this stuff to get good connections to other games. Jesus.

Get broadband instead of DSL and wire everything,Wii needs a naki USB Ethernet adapter.ps3 should have an Ethernet port. Use wired controllers only.check what kinda monitor you have Cuz it’s probably got lag as well.its easier and cheaper just to get some friends
Face to face was how it was meant to be played

I have a good connection with a good ping test result and I have it wired, still no 5 bar games

There might just not be a lot of people playing in your immediate area.


I sometimes get green bar connections but thats because I live close to NYC and there are a lot of players there. But its mostly 3 orange bar to 4 yellow bar connections I’m playing with.