Tips to get use to a fight stick

i’ve already read though the stick newb thread and its helped me out quite so much but…i would like to know is there any way i can get use to the button lay out on the madcatz se stick? i’ve tried holding the stick like daigo and it almost works for me. but i have issues trying to QCF. any help will be highly appreciated. :razz:

Well, the tip you are going to hear most is just to practice i guess :smiley:

Pretty much. Either that, or the second thing everyone will tell you is that their way of holding the stick is the right way. Just keep using it, your hands will basically tell you what they want to do.

i guess the same thing goes for how your hands touch the buttons? cus i love the japanese ergonomic style.

play any game BUT super/street fighter 4

hd remix, third strike, kof, blazblue etc

ssf4 has input leniency and its bullshit

:qcf: = :r: :df: :uf:

Eventhubs and I’m sure even posts around show different ways of holding the stick. Really, when it came to the stick, I didn’t really try to adopt a way of holding it, a sytle etc. All that eventually comes with time with the stick, seeing what you feel is most comfortable etc etc. Again (this has to be repeatedly like every single week around here), of course, quarter circles (and everything else) feel weird at first on sticks if you’ve been using pads. It just comes with pratice, go to training and put inputs on, then see what you’re doing wrong. I do not agree with the two posts above me.


Check that out.

Personally I think you just have to find what comes comfortably to you.

I have a question, why do people prefer ball top over bat stick? I am use to bat stick but it seems all the stick now are ball tops. Why is that?

I’m surprised no one said practice yet… lol

Also, don’t be shy. If your afraid of breaking it, execution will only be harder.

Japanese standard is the ball top, and basically all products come with those now. There are bat top parts you can by separately, and just replace on the stick. Alex Valle uses a bat top. I don’t remember playing much of US arcades which were always bat tops. I definitely want to try it out though. Next time I buy some uprade parts I’ll do it.

Yea I just bought a stick FS3 which has a ball top. I dont really like it and seen some mods through the forums which are informative. I also have an old real arcade universal stick which is universal for the GC/PS2 and xbox and I just seen a mod for that. When I was younger I manage an arcade which pretty much just used bat stick and the only machine that was a bat stick was the pac man galaga machine.

I just got a FS3 yesturday, bought here at the trading post. Second day and I can already do basic balrog combos and dashes. Very impressive to me. A month on this stick and I would be ready for competition. I usually like charge characters so it seems be really good for charge characters like balrog. Its just my second day and I can do cr. jab, cr. jab, cr. short XX Headbutt > ultra on both sides.

Just a word of advice for ppl getting into sticks: Its not as bad of a learning curve as you think

Damn you live in Cali and didn’t play in U.S arcades? Such a waste. :sad:

I need bat top for Marvel, but that is about it.

pm sent.

Yea the stick is way better than pad. The buttons are right infront of you. It just takes some time for the stick at least for me. In the future i will make mines a bat stick but for now im just sucking it up.

now don’t get me wrong i love the bat top. its one of the great memories i have as a child gamer but today they feel super clumsy to me unlike the ball top which has the exposed shaft to give you a better grip and more accurate control of your moves. but like everyone says its what your use to.

I can play on any stick, just not well. I don’t have a particular grip I use, my hand is frequently floating around it for various moves. I have bat tops on my Mame Cab and I love them(Happ), but I cannot play without sanwa buttons. I am looking at buying a TE and I will feel right at home on a ball top just the same. The hard part of adapting is the square gate, but that won’t take too long.