Tips to reversal ultra an ultra?

Hi, oftentimes players will throw out an ultra. My most damaging option is to throw out my ultra IMMEDIATELY after theirs comes out, but I find it really hard. Is there any kind of window or do I just have to finish my ultra input exactly on the first frame after their ultra freeze in order to get it out immediately?

Just mash it out

Or you can block their ultra and punish with yours after (unless its something like Akuma’s Raging Demon, then just mash yours out to counter it)

Lol k. It’s just hard to mash because I have to continually buffer quarter circle forward motions. My hand gets all retarded when I start doin that so I’ll just have to practice it more.

How do you mash qcfs from 1p side?

Use good timing. Input the ultra the SECOND their initial ultra animation ends.

depends who you are using and depends what ultra they use… most ultras arent safe on block and have a ton of recovery allowing you to input your ultra in time. you have to input the motion just as their ultra is ending and then press the buttons the exact frame theirs finishes for best results. it all comes down to learning the timings.

Yea the tough part is noticing Exactly when the freeze ends. Does anyone know exactly how much time/frames an ultra freeze takes? Also, is there some period of like speed-up to normal game pace after the freeze or does it immediately go back to normal game pace? Hopes that makes sense.

Training mode.
Record ultra.
Play ultra.
Practice countering ultra till you figured the timing.

Just do the ultra motion around the end of their ultra freeze, then mash on PPP (or KKK) repeatedly. There’s like a 15 frame buffer window where the game will still accept inputs even though your motion has ended, so just input the ultra directions once, then mash those buttons.

Thanks man, this is good knowledge to know. I’ll go in training room and record diff characters doing their ultras and practice. Actually, I’ll find the character whose ultra comes out the quickest after ultra freeze (outside of throw ultras). That will allow me to get my best timing down.

I guess this brings up one last question for me. Whose ultra comes out the quickest after ultra freeze (outside of throw ultras), or at least very quick?

Buffer your motion for your ultra during their ultra’s cutscene and press PPP or KKK as soon as their cut scene ends

Makoto’s ultra 2 is probably as quick as it’ll get…although I have to suggest blocking that one. Second to that would be…probably Gen, Cammy or Abel’s ultra 1(on ground), 1 and 2 respectively. Give those a go and you should be pwning random ultras like a champ

Haha indeed. Very frustrating but ultimately funny when my best option is simply to reversal ultra but I derp it up and it doesn’t come out and I just get smacked in the face with their ultra and look stupid :stuck_out_tongue:

Well. If your ultra command can be mashed, just repeat D DF F + 3P over and over. Otherwise you have to wait almost half a second, while charging DB, then F B F + 3P. You might be able to mash the F B F + 3P providing you have the B charge, as the game slows during the ultra pause, thus accepts inputs. Unlike the super pause, which is a true pause.

Before you recounter with your ultra. Consider the following:

a) Amount of invincibility. Zangiefs ultra 1 would lose to most ultras of used right after. Blanka ultra 1 has so much invincibility that most ultras would lose out.

b) start up. If your ultra has less invincibility, then you may be able to delay the start of your ultra so you come out on top if their ultra starts slowly.

c) consider a better option. Most ultras have slow startup, that you could jump out to avoid it. This would give you more damage via FA Level 3 into ultra or jumping HP or HK into ultra. The best answer in a majority of cases wouldn’t be to recounter ultra.

Go into training and see if you can get an FA level 2+ or jumping attack, or if you get more damage by blocking and punishing. That’s the matchup knowledge you need to know.

Good ideas, I’ll try to keep all of those in thought. Believe me I know about bad invincibility ultras. Yang’s UII has like no invincibility.

Dan’s U1 beats almost every (if not all, not sure) ultra done as an ultra reversal.