Tips & Tricks 7/12 Quick Results


MvC2: 73 people

1st. Genghis
2nd. Junior B
3rd. ShadyK
4th. SooMighty

CvS2: 32 people

1st. Gee-o
2nd. Zim
3rd. SiN
4th. Amir

GGXX: 33 people

1st. ID
2nd. Zim
3rd. ruiN
4th. Chaotic Blue

3s: 21 people

1st. pyrolee
2nd. Paul Lee
3rd. Gee-o
4th. John D

ST: 16 people

1st. Mike Watson
2nd. Amir
3rd. Shirts
4th. SiN

Good job to all who placed!


Great tournament. Some sick matches went down. And I could write a book with the names of all the guys who proved themselves to be up and coming players in marvel. The atmosphere was perfect as well with a/c and ventilation. And props to the really cool nor cal, Vegas, and AZ peeps who came down to represent. But I’m still wondering how the hell Amir managed to jump over my fireball in Super Turbo that should’ve chipped him to death as he got up. :bluu:


nice shit sin. 3 unblockables is too much. fuckin unblockable laser to 2 HSF, then while i stand up, another unblockable laser to rocket punh to another HSF. good game

jaminis got lucky last game. i shouldve had u the first game. nice stompin with sent blackheart. no perfect though:bluu:


yay ruiN representing vegas scrubs^^!!!


fuckin’ delayed plane! ARRG!


looks like genghis took it to the next level


Same with Junior B!


Goodjob Zim


Damn…Amir’s a fucking fiend, he gets 4th in CvS2?! And out places Shirts in ST?! Fucking insane man…Go Team Atheist.


Where was David lee


at home playing warcraft.



I heard Jaminis placed Top 8. Who eliminated him? And which assists did he show-off with at the tourney? I’ve seen him rape with Felicia, Jin, and Tron.


get the vids up quick
i heard shady vs soo is a beast match


According to Soo, he lost to Shady first round, and had to come back all the way through losers’ to get 4th.


jaminis beat clock, but got raped somethin SEVERE by shadys mag cable doom


he plays w3 tft?


That avatar is… hmm… :rolleyes:


I put all the results up on APEX. PM me if I fucked anything up. :wasted:


back to arizona at 7 fucking 15am in the fucking morning…

tourney was hella dope, bunch of folks… had a chance to meet all the cool cats, even though it was hella stinks in there, but overall, its been fun

our az crew has tried to represent and we did our best… even though 360’s owns us for free, but we’ll try to do better at evo:p

special thanx to potter, for housing us… sleeping for 3 hours owns me for free…

shoutoutz to shady, ghenghis, deuce,mr power,justus, and of course the cool ass vegas folks…

and to the new folks, that i didnt really talk to, but now i know who you are, so watch out son!!! im coming for you!!! j/k

btw/ my porn star’s shirt ownz everyone for free… good game out peace nookz



congrats to tong,jb,and shadyk.