Tips/tutorials for online

Hey guys I have been reading on SRK for awhile but now i emerge and am here to ask for some help.
so i have been playing SF4 for about 2 weeks and can’t win online,I do fine against the computer but when i get online i get my ass handed to me.
so,question: dose anyone know of any good tutorials or any tips for getting better against human players?
I tried search and turned up nothing.

i heard the shoryuken forums were okay. go to your character section or read the stickies in the SF4 forums.

play more. play with people in person if possible. online is only good if you have no one to play in person offline.

you’re going to lose. a lot. but once you learn why you lost, you’ll get better.

the character specific threads on here help out a lot. just ask the right questions and do a lot of research.

losing is just part of the learning process.

Depends on which character you’re using and who you’re up against, but yeah try reading up in the character specific forums here

sounds good thanks.
I main ryu since i played him in SF2 waaaaaaayyyyy back in the day.
so yeah,playing offline is very difficult since i live in a rural WV town were they hardly even have interwebs =/

The best tip is to take online sessions with a grain of salt. Lag causes:

-late/missed inputs
-late/missed techs
-late/missed blocks
-late/missed combos

all these cause mashing, which is a horrible habit, and if you play online long enough, it will become a horrible horrible side-effect.

You can’t even use online to learn strategy since most people change the way they play in order to compensate for lag. Everyone is worse/better than they really are online.

Find some real folks in your area via SRK matchmaking and get together. It’s the only way to really get better.

Start your own game lobby instead of going to quick match. If you’re a low level player you’ll always be matched with someone way better than you even if you select “around my same level”. If you make your own lobby only low level people can join it if you select “around my same level”. You’ll still get good players but, at least you’ll fight SOME around your level.

I’ve only won ONE match online so this is the way I’ve been trying to do it and i’ve noticed the people being much closer to my skill level.

I’m on xbox live my gamertag is Maximus Solon ass me and I’ll help you level up your game.

Online is frustrating and gives people bad habits. I used to not believe this but it’s true. Using LP Shoryuken followed by a EX or FP Shoryuken is a legitimate strategy online. You try to punish the LP shoryuken only to eat the full one because of the lag. Shit is frustrating.

If I had to rely on online for my SF play I would have given this game up about a month after launch.

4 Tutorial videos Every Beginner Should watch SF Tutorials

Although these are Super Turbo Tutorials Many of these concepts relate to all Street Fighter games.

Best tip when playing online is do not take it seriously. Use it as live training practice, but nothing more. You cant get good playing online because its impossible to get a read on most of your opponents simply because most of them do not know what they are doing. You cannot read someone who doesn’t have any set ups, combos, or general strategy or tactic. Most people just throw random shit and hope they hit with it. Winning like that doesn’t make you good and losing to garbage like that doesn’t always mean you suck (it does sometimes though, haha).

Best thing to do is play until you find a good player, send them a message and hope they are willing to play sets with you from time to time. Thats the best way to level up. Winning or losing in championship mode doesn’t mean shit.