Tips when playing numerous FGS?

With the slew of FGs that are coming and are currently out I’ve been having trouble consistently playing as well as I used to because I can’t adapt quick enough when I switch up the games back to back…I was just wondering how some of you cope with it…the reason I’m asking is because I enjoy the games I play but I also want to pick up new ones (like Skullgirls) while still maintaining a decent or respective level of play…any tips?


Each game that you want to improve at, or be consistent at, equals the number of hours you’re willing to dedicate towards training. You can stay consistent with your level of play, but it’s going to require a LOT more work to do so. You can’t just quit a game for a few weeks while you play another one, and still expect to be good without putting in the effort. It’s like exercising, once you stop working out a specific muscle group, it will grow weak over time.

It’s all about fundamentals and adaptation, with a bit of luck on the side.
So first off what you want to do is block a lot, because you want to observe what they do.
Secondly, find out what buttons to press like your best poke and antiairs.
After that you probably want to find out a good combo to punish with, because you want to force people to make a mistake.

Not necessarily relevant to multiple games, but when maining multiple characters and playing casuals, I like to alternate between them after every match. This helps me to get used to “reconfiguring” my reflexes.

a good schedule, each game would need an equal amount of practice

I find I drop games, really it depends on how high of a level you want to achieve in any single game as if you don’t have enough time to reach that level in all of them you might need to put one to the side for a while. I’ve done that with Marvel at the moment.