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Once you’ve decided what kind of riding you’ll be doing, the most important step is choosing the right frame size and wheel tires that fits properly is imperative. According to the website recommend “riding a poorly fit bike can lead to injury and less efficient riding, not to mention it’s uncomfortable.” Plan to visit a local bike shop to talk with the employees, ask lots of questions and take several bikes for a test ride.
Road bikes, with lightweight frames, skinny tires of a road bike with the more upright and narrow]tires wheel multiple gears and an aerodynamic riding position, are built for competitive racing and traveling at speed on paved roads. These bicycles tend to be best for people who are already fit or know they enjoy cycling, such as people who take indoor spinning classes and want to venture outdoors, or runners who want to cross-train.
In the 1990s, mountain bikes, also known as all-terrain bicycles, with their sturdy, durable frames.]wheel and tires became the most popular choice for