Tirumvir Comic-Con Hat Trade


So I’ve been waiting for this hat to restock over at Triumvir.com for quite some time now and I finally had the cash to order one once they did. Unfortunately I ordered a size too small.

I purchased the 7 1/4 hat and I need the 7 1/2 size. So, after contacting Triumvir and finding out that the 7 1/2 is out of stock now they can’t replace this one and can only offer a refund which I’ll take if I have no luck here.

That being said… Anyone want to trade me a size 7 1/2 for my 7 1/4 ? Mine is new in box never been worn. Only tried on once.

Hit me up here with a PM or send an email to: joshualmartin@gmail.com



Wanna sell if you cannot trade. Ill buy.


This hat looks pretty sic.
Good luck selling it.


It’s a pretty sought after hat. I’d shoot you an offer if it was in my (big) size.

Good luck with the sale. :tup: