Tis a Scratch: Robber Loses ARM after Victim Runs him Over. Victim Charged with Attempted Murder

An arm is a small price to pay for some Air Jordans.

Giving a whole new meaning to the phrase “one armed bandit”.

When I opened this I was really hoping for Florida.

If someone who robs you loses an arm does it become an unarmed robbery?

I would have just taken the arm and sold it for $200

They’re just fucking SHOES!

Dumbass kid got what he deserved

Hope it was worth it.

White supremacy made him do it. #BLACKARMSMATTER

This is shocking news…Air Jordan makes tennis shoes?

…You lost an arm over some J’s, nigga?

They used to cut off both hands for theft.

<insert joke about shoes costing arm and leg here>

I dunno, kind of think you’re going out on a limb there.

That’s my mom’s block. Over sneakers smh.


I am not sure why people continue to trust random folks they met on Craigslist anyway. I already assume the absolute worst of human nature as a general rule in life.

*oh yeah–and this is over some SHOES. :lol: Ohhhhhh man… pathetic.

Niggas, man. Fucked up priorities.

Why would a kid go for broke over just jordans…

Sneakerheads are the worst.

The arm of the Unarmed Bandit has been reattached. Now he can hold more people up at gun point, only now he will be stronger than before.

Not only did he lose an arm trying to rob somebody, they put it back so he can keep holding that L.