Tis the season...

Ok…lets start a seasonal thread…eh? Maybe we don’t need one, but who cares…lets try to get some life in these forums… I suggest that these be anything from doodles to 3d, to everything in between.

I’ll start out…assuming the “season” right now is fall/Halloween.

This kid at work wants me to draw him a tattoo of a “scary jack-o-lantern” but is only paying me $20.00
Here are a shitty scans of the pencils…what do you guys think?

And a quick color comp.

i like the last one. the others look a lil too traditional for my tastes.

this sounds like fun. Halloween theme, huh?

IDEA! add some pumpkin seeds to the bottom ones tongue and maybe have some dripping off. My favs are the top right one and the very bottom one.

amazing shit - fall and halloween are my favourite time of the year…

those almost inspired me to get something like a cool style jack o lantern tattoe hah…

can u draw any more? ill pay u more for cooler designs- just gotta come up with a good idea

Awesome job with the coloring. I’ll see what I can do.

Also, congrats on getting paid to draw something.

I like the little scared one. The last one is definitely a wild crowd pleaser though.

We don’t really celebrate halloween here. As it’s springtime now (finally!) Might through something in the mix if I find the time.