TiT6 Results!!!


Posted: Jun 13th, 2004 15:18

  1. Jinkid…OK/TX (Jin)
  2. JOP…ATL (Paul)
  3. jackie_tran…ATL (Jin)
  4. Jinmaster…VA (Nina)
  5. Eddy Pistons…TX (Bryan, Lei, Eddy, Paul)
  6. Sugarfoot…CA (Kuma)


  1. Electric Steve & TMO…TX (Heihach/Jin, Eddy/Julia), (True Ogre, Ogre)
  2. jackie_tran…ATL (True Ogre, Ogre)
  3. JOP…ATL (True Ogre, Ogre/Gun Jack, Jack 2)
  4. Crow…TX (True Ogre, Ogre/ Devil, Ogre/ Mishimas)


  1. Mick…TN (Cassandra)
  2. Blaze…TX (Sophitia, Xianghua)
  3. JD_OK…OK (Mitsurugi, Maxi)
  4. SA Rob…TX (Ivy, Taki)
  5. Ice Cold Edge…TX (Nightmare)
  6. Jaeger…TX (Mitsurugi)


  1. Kensou…TX (Chipp)
  2. Fubarduck…TX (Zappa)
  3. KDX…TN (Axel)
  4. Joey… (Faust)
  5. The Chief…TX (Ino)
  6. Tragic…TX (Eddie)

3rd Strike

  1. Crow…TX (Ken)
  2. Fubarduck…Tx (Chun Li)
  3. Jun…ATL (Urien)
  4. The Chief…TX (Ken)
  5. Jon…TX (Ken)
  6. Flames of Justice…TX (ken)


  1. Da Rip Gut…TX (Gen Fu)
  2. Tom Brady…VA (Jan Lee, Hayabusa)
  3. Cory…(Ayane)
  4. Dub…TX (Christie)
  5. jackie_tran…ATL (Jan Lee)
  6. J-Rock…TX (Brad Wong)


good shit KDX


good shit kevin and EC steve.
CroW why u slippin in tag? playing too much 2d fooo


I got 4th yo.



Good job crow. Might be visiting tx soon.



I didn’t see the match.
Who beat you? Joey?


nah, twas the duck. zappa owns!!!
Joey was the one who slapped me into losers tho…frickin Faust!! gah he was cool as shit, so it’s all good.

=P btw your Ino was crazy man!



ok, guess it’s time to finally post some shout-outs…

TN PPLz: 1st off HUGE thanks to WotmanX for driving me around everywhere. That was huge man, thanks mucho!! Also, props to Mick for once again proving his dominance in Sc2. Props to me for finally getting a top5 finish in a GGXX tourney, LOL. Jackson crew–good seeing all of you again as always. You guys should come chill more, =)

TX Peeps: Pistons, thanks for all the help bro–awesome hospitality. Props to all the TX players who placed in their respective tournies. Also big ups to Demarcus for rocking MKL in Doa3, LOL!!! All the TX GGXX players, had hella fun and GG’s too all. Mainly Houston, who repped on everyone as usual. Kensou is too G-like with Chipp. Also, FUBARDizuck…good shit with Zappa man, very crazy match we had. I been tellin all my friends how close it was and if I woulda just turtled I coulda won…but damn it was a pretty way for me to lose!!! RAOH!!!

OK GGXX playazzz: Foxstep, good seein you again brotha…hella big ups for the crazy Johnny and Eddie man…the match we had was hella close. It came down to both of us with no life and me getting a lucky AA move in!! crazy!! And Axl player guy (sry forgot your name), KEEP IT UP MAN, axl was lookin sharp. Anji Player dude (sry I suck at names, =P) that was crazy Anji…I think u got a raw deal in the tourney with your bracket but hey sometimes that’s how it goes. JOEY!! Faust is a G man…andkeep workin on that Jam too dude, good matches we had in casual as well as our match in the tourney. Very nice stuff. Oh, and Testiclemint (LOL), way to rock Kensou man…u seriously had him beat, it was such a good/close match!!

ATLienz: Props as always and I’m sure I’ll see you fellas sooner than later. Congrats to JOP and J_T on the placing in Tekken games. And MKL get props for almost being the best Doa3 player!! MUAHAHA.

K I’m done… if I forgot you it’s just cause I’m tired and my new pc aint workin just yet…so sorry!! =) Had fun everyone!!



Thanks for the props. I wasn’t feelin it without my own stick but gg’s.

So Joey got 3rd and you got 4th. Oh well old news.