Titan Crush Properties

Whelp after a few days of study I’ve come to a few conclusions about Titan Crush and made a few new discoveries based on it… or at least new to me… for starters… thanos has a roll able corner ROM… thanos can solo 100% off of corner HP throw… in both roll able and unroll able fashion with only 1 bar… thanos can play air keep away pretty decently from most characters (storm being the only one that’s really excluded.) Thanos can use properties similar to fastfly for a couple combos… thanos has ghetto airdash…

So before I go farther… lets talk properties.

Ground… lp and hp titan crush on the ground are only useful for one thing… xx powa. You can get to the 1/2 point on the screen real quick using it… then cancel out to powa… and it will allow you to connect things otherwise not possible.

jumping… jumping titan crush sux… only thing good bout it… is that you can call assists out of it… but you cannot block… or do anything else… except xx to the knee drop… avoid… only real trick for it is jump, fp. titancrush, call assist… just some trickery…

sj. titan crush is amazing… you can just keep doing it without end… to stay in air forever… owning any sent flight attempts without remose… and xx to knee when you feel like it… the lp version recovers VERY fast… you can block or do anything else after it… ok… so you just used a knee out of sj. titan crush… if you are low enough to the ground you can now call assists as you are now considered in n.jump state.

Tigerknee titan crush… is awesome… its super fast… recovers fast… and you can combo out of it!!

I don’t know fully why it has all these properties yet… but it has made my thanos a lil better…

For the corner rom/corner 100% from throw… focus on the fact the you can launch, sj. magic series xx lp. titan crush… and if you are at or near the corner… follow with knee drop xx relaunch OTG… have fun… you’ll figure it out :slight_smile:

For the fast fly sort of combos… its tricky but not to tricky. What i just described above… instead of doing knee drop…if you let the stick go neutral tap fwd and then do lk, mk, fp… pause… OTG… yada… you will see the fast fly properties… I haven’t explored this fully yet… somehow when it switches you from sj.state to nj.state it seems to allow that fast fly type of action.

For ghetto airdash… super jump and then immediately do lp. titan crush, either block or drop in with hold fwd + lk. It’s not great… but it does cross up with drones… ect… n.jump titan crush doesn’t work so hot since you can’t combo out of it…

Tigerknee lp. titan crush comes out at ground level … but recovers near instantly… in the corner you can combo various things after it. In theory… tigerknee lp. titan crush, s.lk, cr.lk… repeat should be yet another roll able infinite… but its very hard to keep going.

A really good example on the air keep away… is sj… and do lp. titan crush… it recovers fast enough that a capcom AA call will be blocked… and keep doing it across the screen and/or back and forth over their head… if they jump at you do knee drop… here’s the fun… after knee drop connects you bounce backward… xx lp. titan crush… now your in n.jump… and call capcom or another AAA to cover your descent… if he connected… do soul… or wtver you like…

Last thing… one other use for crappy ground titan crush… follow up the fp throw… both in corner and midscreen… in corner you can cancel to just about anything… including xx powa… pause… sj and start the roll able corner rom… from midscreen you can follow it with hp titan crush… which connects… and then xx soul…

I would have said thanos is WAAAY better overall with some of this stuff… but a lot of it can be rolled and/or is corner only… so it’s really only a few small blessings.

So there you go… one of the worst characters… made better by just a little bit of exploring what appeared to be one of his worst moves… hehe A bit of understanding goes a long way.

I’m interested in learning more about the fast fly style stuff. Do you mean do qcf LP, and while it recovers you treat it like you’re coming out of Sent’s flight mode?

Basicly… go to the corner… launch, sj.lk xx d,df,f+lp… let the stick go neutral… then hit any direction (probably fwd) + lk…

Normally when you do lp titan crush as a air combo finisher in the corner… you can OTG and relaunch for a roll able infinite…

Now if you went neutral and hit any direction… then mashed that same lk… with the proper timing… you’ll see your lk connect with no need to OTG… been working with it… but the help exploring it would be great… we need to work it into an inf (obviously an unrollable one.)

Basicly I think you want to be totally neutral when the titan crush ends and asap after that you want to be hitting fwd + attack of some kind. Your attack will come out quick enough to connect before they hit the ground.

I’ve gotten a magic series + some out of it… but not another rep yet. Need to find the right attacks to lower them enough to land a tigerknee titan crush… (or use some sort of assist setup when they are in nj or sj state… but at or just slightly above ground lvl.)

I’m fairly certain that it will work… need to combo them down like this… which you’ll see is tricky… then land a standing or crouching normal xx tiger knee titan crush… rep… rep… rep… would be the idea.

I’ll be working on it…

We’ll I’ve now found yet another roll able inf… not unrollable yet… neat thing I’ve found is… you don’t need to be flat in the corner or super near it… you can drift fwd and OTG/relaunch afterward any time you pull off the lp. titan crush as an air combo finisher and you are within a screen of the corner (so that flying screen doesn’t start.)


This can’t be rolled til the OTG which comes pretty late in the combo.

s.lk, cr.mk, d,df,f,+pp, df+p launcher, sj.lk, sj,.lk, d,df,f+p, neutral, tap fwd, falling lk, falling lk, lp.titan crush, || OTG falling lk, s.lk, d,df,f + pp… …does around 130 dmg.

You could relaunch after but no point with all the dmg you have done and the scaling.

Bonus combo…

Fp throw info corner, hp.titan crush, powa, pause then manual superjump, sj.lk, sj.lk, lp. titan crush, yada… basicly a throw setup for the same sort of combo…

Side note… powa hyper is great for this… not a lot of hits so it scales really well… and landing a powa in an OTG situation lets you flat launch them after… in a non OTG situation… you can manually sj to get the same effect.

Okay, I see what you mean about the ''fast fly" thing. I think you’re over complicating it-- I haven’t found it to make any difference. For instance, do a sj Titan and time a normal to come out asap. Now try to beat that with a “fast fly” one-- I’m not seeing any difference with that.

I’ve been focusing instead on Positioning (how high/low and close/far Thanos is from the Dummy) and Timing (early vs. late and staggering/spacing) of the sj hits leading up to the Titan Crush, and I’ve been able to create both the falling and OTG combo opportunities.

I could be totally wrong, but I don’t see what about the Crush recovery you’d be able to cancel by moving.

This is really exciting though, maybe Ugly Chin has a tight link corner infinite or something.

Yea just bit go I discovered that while there IS a sj to nj state change as a results of doing titan crush to knee drop… which btw can be used to allow assists into the mix of this stuff we are working on… that the only thing hitting fwd does is move you into slightly better position… that being said… you are correct with the position thing.

I’ve found the best positioning is gained by doing lp, slight pause, lp, titan crush… they pop up slightly higher giving you more time to connect after…

My best combo with it so far is 110 dmg… no bars… no assists… its wonderful b/c you can use mostly fierces/specials… tho ill admit i had to use an OTG around 90 dmg… to keep it going… using another OTG in the mix… it would be 100%… but thats just to many chances to roll. Using a bar to make it 100% prolly a better plan.

Im in a hotel room so I can’t mess with it right now… but the best chance for a ROM (unroll able one) would be launch, sj.lk, sj.lk, lp. titan crush, (sj.lk, sj.lk, sj.lp. titan crush)… repping the ()'s… sounds to easy tho…

One thing I will add about holding fwd after titan crush is… that you’ll drift nicely… and it will put you in position to otg them… even if you are 95% screen distance from the corner… so long as it doesn’t cause flying screen… you are good to OTG… so it worthwhile to do… fast fly properties or no. I think thats why it felt like fast fly when I was first doing it… b/c sometimes I’d be outta position by a tiny amount… and holding fwd helped me connect… either OTG or otherwise.

Nice find with thanos.

One thing to add with the TK Titan crush is that it gives you a nice mix-up game. Its a great tool to use to pressure opponents into the corner.

-TK Titan crush on a blocking opponent, then as soon as you recover, you have a few options…

…FK for an overhead, land > whatever
…land, c.lk > whatever
…land, throw.

I like to use assist to force them into blocking low. Like: c.lk + storm proj, c.lk, dash in, TK TC, then mix it up from there.

Or if if you have a character like psylocke, you can TK TC, bait assist, call psylocke, snapback.

yea i love landing a corner hp throw from tk titan crush… leads to insane dmg…