Titan Quest!

Anyone playing this game?


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I played Diablo 2 for years and IMO its on par if not better (at least the content is fresh) plenty of class combinations and ragdoll physics its a pretty good time killer!

The developers did a good job, but the problem with the game is that it did not have randomized stages so the re-playability factor was low. The graphics were a huge improvement when compared to Diablo, and the even made a sequel I believe. This is maybe one of those games that came close to being Diablo 2 like. The game is also old.

Other games out there that I can think of are Nox, Dungeon Siege… I cannot think of any others right now. I am very tempted to play through Diablo 1 and 2 again, but I don’t want to burn myself out before D3.

I bought the game off Steam. Very good game, put a lot of hours into it. Like Catchafire said, the lack of random maps hurt it a bit, but it’s still highly replayable.

i remember doing typhon runs when the game first came out and that triple shooting spell was super overpowered
got every piece of armor i wanted in 2 days… then i stopped playing
i did enjoy the game very much though

It’s just to tide me over until I get that D3 sweetness but knowing blizzard it won’t be until 2012 I mean…they havent even started beta yet!

I just started playing this, anyone else still into TQ?