Titanfall the Thread


Figured I would make a thread for this game. I didnt really want to but I cant keep talking about it in the COD thread.

Anyway, shit drops on Tuesday, get hype. I got that shit preloaded so im ready to go tomorrow night at 9 o’clock.

Who else is looking forward to this? What are you going to be playing it on?

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Whats separating if from being just another FPS, in an era where we are already oversaturated with FPS?

I dont doubt that is a solid FPS, but is it innovative and creative? I see more of the same.

The burn card mechanic looks interesting, but they more or less seem to work like killstreaks


Would be cool if Hawken didnt look a million times better, also no PS4 support so meh.


Ive played this and Hawken and I like this more. To me its really got a MW2 feel going on. Its fast and fun. What more do you need?

P.S. Its prettier than Hawken too.

Edit - I didnt really spend to much time using a titan during the demo, I just set that fucker to auto attack or some shit.

Edit 2 - I bet most of the people that…have no interest in this game also have no way to play it.

Edit 3 - Im not a big fps person, I play just for fun. I couldnt tell you if its good for competetive shit like tournaments and such. I would assume the bots would kind of ruin anything truly competetive.


There’s nothing to work towards in titanfall. They should’ve made it to where u need a certain amount of kills to get a titan but automatically getting one after 2 minutes or so is hella weak. The wall running thing looks pretty interesting tho.


I heard that hopping in a titan at the beginning of a match makes you a gigantic target correct me if I’m wrong?


I dont think you get one right away. Like the other dude said, they drop after a couple minutes. I think maybe you can speed up the time by getting kills/scoring but im not sure.

Here is a video of some dude playing it on the XB1.


Dust will also have better mech action when MTACs are released and its free to play ^^

edit: not really hating on Titanfall as such, theres just already better alternatives already out, plus TF does look a bit coddy


Well lets not take anything away from TF.

I just want it to flesh out.




It is COD with Robots, takes about as much skill to.


People figured out a way to play the PC version early. Fuckin’ fiends.

Am I the only person on srk playing this shit? Sad times. My Origin handle is Drizzt519.



Man, that looks cool. No hate for TF/Respawn. Even as a PS4 user.


…That is looking forward to playing the definitive console version of TF2 B).


I haven’t followed this game and I don’t know any details, but I’m passingly familiar with how it looks and I know its basic premise. I’m curious to see how well it has been executed, and how well it is received by the public. I wouldn’t comment on the game’s quality without first trying it out for myself, and I don’t even know if I’ll ever play this thing, but I hope it proves successful for a number of design reasons. It does a number of things that I hope we can see a little more of in first-person shooters, and in video games as a whole.

I’ve never actually played any of the Call of Duty games before so I can’t comment on any of the things that old-school FPS fans tend to criticize it for, and I don’t know if Titanfall will have any of those things or not, or whether it will have any brand-new problems of its own, for that matter… but for anyone who likes the FPS genre but has ever felt disinterested by how homogenous the genre can be, I feel like the raw, fundamental concept behind this game was put together especially for players like you.

Even if this game ends up playing like cold wet socks, I’m happy to see that a game like it got the triple-A greenlight. I make no silly claims that that it’s the reinvention of the FPS, but just at a cursory glance I get the distinct impression that it’s a lot more unique than people seem to be giving it credit for.

I like that the game’s art direction vouches for how there is still a place for stylized visual aesthetics even within the realm of “realistic” high-fidelity graphics. It’s relatively subtle but it’s definitely there.

The game’s main hook, the being-on-foot-versus-being-in-a-mech dynamic, is conceptually a pretty neat idea to me. In a sense, giving players two distinct forms means that a random 1-on-1 encounter goes from having only 1 possible matchup (in a “normal” FPS) to having 4 different matchup scenarios that the player will experience: as runner vs runner, as runner vs mech, as mech vs runner, and as mech vs mech. I’m deliberately ignoring weapon variety, teammates, and map objectives here for clarity of explanation: the point still stands even when you add all of these things back in. In fact, those aspects of the game should theoretically only further multiply the already-increased baseline variety! So this one thing has the potential to bring a lot of texture to the gameplay.

I like that a little nimble guy going up against a great big mech is highly asymmetrical. Whether this turns out to be a hollow gimmick or an additive element of decision-making will probably largely depend on how the two forms are balanced against one another… which includes how getting mechs is limited. (In particular, the rules in place for obtaining a mech are likely what will (or will not) set the mechs apart from the vehicles in any other FPS’s.) I presume that mechs will have a small-to-moderate overall edge on runners in order to achieve the mood that I assume the devs were shooting for. “Shooting for.” Hurhurh.

More than anything else, though, I am a huge fan of seeing any multiplayer FPS give its players very kinetic and/or tactically interesting movement options (and fitting environments to use them in). I’m exercising my willpower and what few good manners I have to restrain myself back from flooding this thread with all of my thoughts and theories concerning the genre, but I will say that I strongly believe that a multiplayer FPS’s movement system is secretly at the mechanical core of what makes or breaks its gameplay with competitive players over the long run.

Titanfall seems to feature some pretty cool-looking ways to travel not only horizontally but vertically as well. As they should be, it looks like the maps and even the flagship matchup (how the tiny zippy runner needs to get up on top of the tall, less-maneuverable mech to destroy it) have literally been shaped around that ability to traverse vertical space along with the horizontal. The runners look like they’re probably a lot of fun just to move around, and the mechs actually do too.

Ooh, pop-up message on Twitch right now:

Has Twitch done this for any other game before?


I’m waiting to see who on SRK jumps on the TF bandwagon before I purchase. I don’t like randoms.

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**PC - Metacritic ** -not live
**Xbox One - Metacritic ** - 88

Standby for reviewfall.
OXM 8.5/10
OXM UK 9/10
Venturebeat 82/100
Polygon 9/10
EGM 10/10
Gamespot 9/10
Giantbomb’s Not review No score yet
Rev3 5/5
Edge No score yet
IGN Norway 8.1/10
Videogamer 8/10
Gamereactor 9/10
Gamersglobal 8.5
Gamesradar 4/5
Joystiq 4.5/5
Gameinformer No score yet
Gameblog 4/5
Metro GameCentral 9/10
Gametrailers 9.3/10
Ausgamers 8.7/10
PC Gamer No score yet
Vandal Online 9.2/10
Machinima 9/10
Jeux Video 17/20

copied this shit from some post on neogaf.


I love the demo wanted to pre-order the collectors edition but got sold out for the PC & xbox one…I’ll just wait for it to go on sale which im sure there will be a lot due to the fact it comes free with the xbox one console.


I gotta adjust some settings but it ran pretty smooth. My team got fucked up though and I didnt know where the fuck to go. Gonna do some shit then play some more.

Edit - I played a few more matches and I fuckin’ suck at this shit. Its fun though so I dont give a fuck.

If you want to play a little early you can do this - http://www.gamersnexus.net/news/1351-titanfall-vpn-early-unlock

I suppose do it at your own risk. I guess its possible that you could get banned or something but its unlikely.


I said years ago IW post MW2 wanted to make a halo killer which was set in a future setting. Titanfall had been years in the making so people saying this is cod ish are right. Not that it’s a bad thing. If anything it’s from arguably the best in the series. I’ll be playing on PC but it’ll be a few days til i get to play.


Capture the Flag in this game is some real shit. Learn to cap people during your wall runs and double jumps before you call it a CoD clone, there’s a MUCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH higher skill cap here. So much room for crazy plays. Maybe that’s just on PC idk, you almost need an arena shooter mindset to really start opening it up past “CoD with robots” status. But the depth and the high skill cap are there.