Titaning Your Way In - Thanos General Thread



Nobody opened it so let’s do it!




Command normals










So I have a couple specific questions (I’m pretty new to Marvel so I apologize in advance if they will look dumb):

  1. Ending a combo with Emperor’s Stance leads to a crumple that allows you to launch. What’s the point if using ES instead of just launching directly though? Does the move have other special properties like invul? Or is it just to set up tag combos? What’s the difference between the light and heavy version?
  2. What are some good BNBs midscreen (since in the corner you will of course do palm loop shenanigans)?
  3. What are the follow-ups to his command grab both midscreen and corner?
  4. What special properties does f+LP have that makes it useful in combos? Fast startup and big hitbox?

Other general questions:
What are your favorite stones for him? What other characters do you use with him that can help him?
I feel his biggest weakness is the lack of true full screen projectile - if he gets trapped by Space storm he’s basically useless - so any character who has one seems to help him.


just started playing him today, so I can’t answer all of you questions but…

1 emperor stance is a good tag tool, the heavy version can be used on falling opponents while still airborne to combo into his beam hyper amongst other things. Still gotta play with it some more

As far as stones are concerned space is pretty good as the space storm can allow for palm loops anywhere.


The last videos by Evil Canadian basically answered to all my questions. The heavy version of Emperor’s Stance is good to catch someone flying at you as it has a massive hitbox.


Titan’s Shield gimmicks:
If you throw out light shield from mid to far range and do teleport right after you get a free high/low mixup midscreen. In the corner you also get an actual left/right mixup (light version will crossup, heavy version will stay same side). You can add another layer by tagging right after Titan’s Deceit.
The only weakness is that Titan’s Shield unlike most projectiles will dissipate if Thanos gets hit, so if they see your teleport and the shield isn’t on them they might just punish you.
There’s probably more dirty tech you can find around Titan’s Shield. It’s a crazy tool for a rushdown mixup character like him.


Who does he synergize well with ?


Any character with projectiles that can lock down people easily and give him space to get in: Strange, Hawkeye, Jedah, Ultron etc.
But really, Titan’s Shield is so good as a tool to get in you can even use Thanos himself to allow big bodies to get in.


What about between these chars: Nova, Dorm, Marvel?


You can perform an Insurrections End with light punch~switch, then wavedash across screen with second character and pick up the opponent with low heavy into launcher. Not sure what kind of scaling you get off of it though.


They all seem good choices. In the end you just play the one you like the most.



10000000000000% dorm


How good is Dante/Thanos, having some issues with hitstun deterioration and wanna know if it’s still worth investing in?


I’m trying Rocket Raccoon and Thanos…


I dont see why this would be bad. I wouldnt focus too much on ending dante combos in a palm loop although ending them with a simple launch, hp palm dash palm hyper is ideal. Dante combos are long and damaging so he doesnt need much help there. Look for ways that dante can set up a palm loop but he cant maximize damage from (like maybe a volcano AA).

Thanos needs help with midscreen combos a bit so dante definitely has that


@Genjiknight ceotaku this weekend had marvelo playing thanos/dante if you want to look up his matches.



What’s the highest damage you got off a 1 bar combo midscreen?
I got 6560 with the following one:
cr.LK HP HK Emperor’s Stance > cr.LK HP HK cr.HP > LK HP f+HP (wait) dash HK > dash LK HP cr.HP > LK HP HK super
Just let every two hit normal rock except the final HK.

The good thing about cr.LK HP HK is that if they block you can kara cancel HK into command grab.


do all the post Emperor’s stance LK’s actually add damage? I don’t have good intuition for damage scaling in this game yet, but i think you shouldn’t NEED them to connect the combos, and they might scale damage more than they add.


I’m using Thanos/X. Seems to work pretty well with connecting hypers either way, decent damage too. X has projectiles for damn near all angles, good near unblockable setups as well.

Been using time stone but I think space, power and obviously reality can work.


You don’t need them to connect the combos, but I think I tried without letting them rock and it did less damage. They also make the combos easier to confirm.
I watched a couple Thanos players in tournaments and they all make LK hit twice when they can.


I just wanna synergize with your avatar. LoL. Who the hell is that?!