Titans of Tampa Results


Good day of competition gentlemen. Thanks for coming out and congrats to the winners.

Street Fighter 4
1: Jo Gray
2: Jebailey
3: Jeffrey S
4: Alex Costa
5: Prince Martinez
5: Peter G
7: Jose C
7: Arturo V
9: Rick Fn Stalvey
9: The Sheriff
9: Sean Belveal
9: James “Blitz” Reyes
13: Uber Bob
13: Brian Black
13: Carlos C
13: Marcos Sosa
17: Lord Beauchamp
17: Andrew
17: Jose R
17: Mavrick
17: Will Ruiz
17: Bryant
17: Ian Shotton
17: Fahad
25: Jamie C
25: Torrin “Shusty” Fields
25: Efrain Costa
25: Harold Ellis
25: Richard Kovacs
25: eisH John Lee
25: Petros Mikales
25: Eric R
33: Ricky Sayavong
33: Ben Reed
33: Carey Boudreau
33: Ron (Zero Cool)
33: Christopher Jayson
33: Chris P

Tekken 6
1: Ron (Zero Cool)
2: Zen
3: John Martin
4: Jet 3000
5: Andre Gryphen
5: Alex Nichols
7: J.R.
7: Harold Ellis
9: Neuronaut
9: Frankie
9: Efrain Costa

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo: HD Remix
1: Mavrick
2: Isaac
3: Jamell Hayes
4: Jason S
5: Sean Belveal
5: Brian Black
7: The Sheriff
7: Bryant
9: Marco
9: Jebailey
9: Rick Fn Stalvey
9: Harold Ellis
13: Eric R

Marvel vs CAPCOM 2
1: Jet 3000
2: Carlos C
3: Jamie C
4: Eric R

SF4 Orlando vs Tampa 6v6
Harold (VI) vs Jose (VI)
Sheriff (RY) vs Leland (ZA)
Uberbob (ZA) vs Christopher (RY)
Brian (EL) vs Jomes (BI)
Prince (AK) vs Torrin (SA)
Alex (AB) vs Alex (BA)
Uberbob (ZA) vs Jose (VI)
Prince (AK) vs Leland (ZA)


shouts out to all that came out to the tourney. Mavrick dug me out (no homo) in HDR. No excuses, just wasnt prepared. Good shit

And thank you everyone for all the condolences I recieved all day. This past week was really hard for me and my family. BPR suggested I’d come out to tourney even if it was just to hang out. I didn’t think I’d be playing anything but the hype got me to join at least HDR. I apologize to all that came to play me in tekken, due to current events I just didn’t have it in me to prepare for it and I didn’t wanna go in half-assed.

Thank you all for showing up. I know we talk alot of shit to one another, but push comes to shove everyone here is a family that I’m proud to be a part of. I love you all (no homo)



GS to all, Damn Jebailey 2nd…Nice. your stick really was holding you back eh…

Hope all is better for you soon Isaac.

See you guys next week throughout Florida.


Shout outs to my nigga torrin for holding this shit down you the best in FL baby! lol


I had fun, even though I came out and tried to get shit hyped :wink:


lol… okay, I deserve that. Going back to the lab and level up.


Come on, Orlando. Not counting Jebailey, Rick doesn’t even technically live here and he schooled all of us. What happened? :nono:

Congrats to Jo for winning SF4, and congrats to Ron for T6. I’ll get you next time! My next goal is to plan on not choking. :rofl: In retrospect I probably should’ve picked a different stage; I love my wall combos but small stages make me nervous, especially against Julia.

Torrin, you gotta keep your head in the game, man! You’re better than this. All of you guys are better than this. Good shit holding down the fort for us, Blitz. Keep it up and you’ll do us proud.

Isaac, it was great to see you come out given the circumstances. Sometimes just coming out and having a good time doing what you love is the best medicine for that. And you still tore up in HDR! Congrats on 2nd place, and take care of yourself man.

Shout-out to Tampa for hosting a great tourney overall. Nowhere else in Florida could you expect to see so much hype for HDR. I wanna see those videos again.


It’s Tampa, We get hype for the radishes in Mario 2.


I had a lot of fun. I haven’t played in a while(like since EVO) but wanted to see all my friends and try to get ready for SSF4. If all goes well I should be able to make the Miami tourney, hopefully I can level up some. So if you play Ryu or Sagat and see me online get some games with me if you can!!



Hey good games to everyone I was matched against in the HDR tourney!

[media=youtube]eMmnN09NveE"[/media], mavrick, zombie shoes, sheriff, and last, but not least Jamell Hayes! Great job guys!

in my opinion, here is the best and most exciting match of the HDR tourney. an underdog almost topples the giant!

oBryant (Ken) vs Mavrick (M. Bison)


Mabey if you focused on the game as much as you do on throwing in the n word around you would have been top 5…


Good games man, you ran all over me in our match. :rofl:

It’s sad considering how much I used to played Blanka in ST, but had no idea of what to do **against **him.


You should see what happens when Bruno’s pizza is mentioned.


ggs to everyone, it was loads of fun.

highlights of the tourney were definitely killer instinct matches and maverick raping everyone in HDR.


Now it may have been just me and I’m not saying it was the reason that I lost but, did anyone else notice any lag on the TV’s there?


There is a slight lag. But all the tv’s and connections are the same(HDMI) so it was the same for everyone.


oh ok, that would explain why I was off on a few things and why mavrick got tick thrown 47 times in a row w/o reversing


good shit to the SFL crew as usual… wish i couldve joined the fun… eish wtf happened negro? lol


slight lag, the two matches i uploaded so far, i analyzed them, we were all missing things by a few frames.

i got some footage of you vs mavrick, i’ll try and get those up by tonight.


GG’s all peter out…