tite combo



spiderman / doom rocks…

j, air dash, xx hk + call rocks, sweep, pause, hp web throw…

the fly screen activates after the throw, and he throws them back into the rocks… how fucked up is that? then u can maximum spider from that, or just do a jumping attack or something… i haven’t tried, although i just though about doing another web throw


I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ve always wonder if you could combo a web throw into doom rocks. Hmm… I probably go with another web throw after they hit the rocks. Good job HK.


yeah, well…

please tell me if you figure somethign else out from this. i’ve gotten it to work… maybe 1/20th of the time i’ve tried… the timing on it is very fucking picky.

as for another combo…

my cousin was mashing on my pad today in training mode… and he did something i found interesting…

s.hk xx sj adf xx hp… and the shit comboed…

so would it be possible to have an infinite like…

s.hk xx sj, adf xx hk, repeat??? i tried for a half hour, but i couldn’t get a sj cancel from the s.hk and when i did, i definitely wasn’t expecting it, so i just gave that up…

i find it funny that a character who has been neglected for so long can have a lot of potential. although i still rank spiderman lower mid tier… i think in the hands of a good player, he can work his way up… i’ve seen ppl use spiderman / xxx / doom and take down ppl using santhrax.



ok. i figured this out… sorta…

sentinel… s.hk, xxsj, xx adf, xx hp

that works… but you can’t continue it.


is that against Sentinel or using sentinel?

Btw, Ive always used spidey as one of my main staple characters. Im all marvel, since I love comics so much

Spidey/Cap America/and either Rogue or Iron Man


against sentinel


yeah man Spiderman is crazy agressive, I use the team Spidey Sentinel Captain Commando. I like this combo with spiderman

jumping hp land do c.lk, c.lk, s.hk+capcom assist do your 1234 button command and pause for a quick second and grab them with fp, it’s nic half life damage I love it, but that combo with doom sounds interesting.


may i ask what a sweep it? how is it done? thanks!


errr… a sweep… is c.hk