Title Things?


Okay, so I wanna start out by saying I have yet to get the game, due to financial issues. But I’ve been watching streams for a while, and what are these title things? Three I remember off the top of my head are “Shadow Student Council,” Rising Dragon Rainy Death," and “I Love Mommy Hentai.” That last one, by the way, wtf? xD
But anyway, are these unlocked like titles in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3? And is there a place I can see all, or a lot of the available titles?


Yes they are unlocked. You can choose 3 different words/phrases to make your own title. Each word/phrase must be unlocked to use them. IDK the conditions to unlock them thou, it seems the more you play online the more you unlock.


Hmm. Interesting. Can’t wait to pick up the game and get into it. xD


Titles are godlike though I still don’t know why they made “oral” one of the words. Seems like 25% of players are talking about some kind of Delicious Oral.


hey any of yall know where i can get the sound track for this game. the one that came with the game is only like 6 fuckin songs. i got all hype for the soundtrack for nothin.


To compliment my lame playstyle I have “Hold Back Absolutely”


Just get the soundtrack for Persona 3 fes and Persona 4 they are much better in my opinion.


i have some 3 and some of the songs from 4. but there is some tracks i need from arena

  1. Play Mitsuru
  2. Set title to This Is Suparna
  3. End every match with Myriad Arrows charge kick. Bonus points for hitting one with full charge.


Damn. I voted unwelcome because I thought it was about the characters’ titles clogging up the game screen =/


it would be nice for confirmation if the titles are random or the conditions for unlock.

right now im rocking “Bloody Toilet Lunch Justice”… idk the funnest thing i can make thus far.


Ha xD Thats great.
I personally cant wait to get the game. Titles are gonna be so fun xD but, sadly, it’ll be a month or two, maybe even longer, before I get it. :confused: