*title unlocks*


there is gonna be spoilers in here so head up!

This thread is for the titles in which you have to wear a “X” themed Costume on “X” stage to get the title unlock
Most costimes are just colors and not the representation of what they were in the comic, so yeah, need help :smiley:
Description: Ill update by the 28th with the unlock description

So plz… post accordingly :smiley:


“Win a match using three costumes inspired by a different character than the one selected.”

I assume this one is Frank, Zero, and Ammy.


Deadpool would probably fit that list too


I’m sure there’s more. What about Trish or Felicia?


So it’s “pay for the costume and get a free title” ?


More like “Pay for a costume and get the ability to unlock a title”


It’s not like you have to do a perfect run on arcade mode while only inflicting damage by chip to win, all on cosmic difficulty.
you have to use the costume on a specific stage to unlock the title.

I’m not a quantum physics genius but if you paid for the costume, my two cents are that you’ll be using it at least once.


I THINK you guys are wrong. For example, I believe any of ammy’s, bucky cap and one of the she-hulk ones that’s not really her, will net you that title.

What’s the Age of X one? I know one of them is Santa-neto.


White Magneto is from Age of X

so yeah…here’s too never having to pay for title. (looking at you shadow battle mode). ^^


You need three though. Santa-neto, BlueSilver Cap and… :frowning:

EDIT: Veiny Hulk.


I had trouble with the space one. Have to use Avengers EMH space costumes on a space stage or something. I ran through arcade with Cap/Hawkeye/Thor in their red/silver costumes and beat Galactus… Also won a player match with them on Asgard Sea of Space stage. Title still didn’t unlock. Am I missing something?


Capcom needs to explain this shit : /


No kidding. I also tried the one to use an alt that is from a different character with lots of different color schemes that didn’t work. I think you actually have to use a DLC alt.


Ok, update:** Win a Days of Future past match using 3 character Coustumes inpired by Age of Apoc or Age of X**

Went through arcade mode with Wolverine (blue and red, age of Apoc); Capatin America (Blue and Silver, age of X); Magneto (White, age of X) , Got it.

Other possible character is hulk (red veins, Age of X)


For “Win a match using three costumes inspired by a different character than the one selected.” I just tried these characters with different colours:

Frank (as Chunk), Ryu (as Ken) and Zero (as Megaman)… nothing

so then I tried:

Taskmaster (as Deadpool), Virgil (as Dante), Dante (as Virgil)… nothing

finally tried:

Phoenix Wright (as Godot), Chris (as Chunk), Morrigan (as Lilith)… still nothing.

Tried them all online and offline, so now I’ve just given up :(.


Okay, I got the Ultimate one with Hawkeye, She-Hulk and Super Skrull. Got the Days of Future past one with Hulk, Wolverine and Magneto.
Does anyone have the Exiles/What if title? Dormammu and MODOK are the only ones I can think of that have color schemes that fit that.


I did actually get the Exiles/What if one, I remember it being so corny lol. Dorm, Modok, and IronFist #6.


I’ve seen a person with a title called “Elite Strider” and it was all rainbow-y. How do you get that one?


100 games played with a character for the rainbow titles.


Damn. Obviously I need to play more. Skyrim took over my life.