Title vs gameplay?

Lets enter in the world of what ifs for a moment.

What if Alpha and street fighter 3 series where called something totally different and not made by capcom, but lets say SNK, filled with snk characters, but played exactly the same as they as they always have.

And lets say Real bout series and garou was made by capcom, filled with street fighter characters but played exactly the same way they always have, aswell as being called street fighter: whatever.

Would real bout and garou be the popular games (under the title Street fighter) and alpha and 3s be the forgotten and underplayed games( with some random title)?

This leads me onto Street Fighter 4. What if another random company made street fighter 4 instead, with the exact same gameplay, the only differences being the characters and the title. I doubt there would be the same kind of hype and the game would most likely be forgotten with a few months unless of course it played amazing well enough for it to be competitive.

Lets come back to reality now.

I always hear how good the real bout series is. I’ve rarely heard a bad word against it, and there always seems to be talk of getting some games in. Why then has it been put aside. Was it the way it played? Too complex, too simple, unbalanced, broken? Or was it cause it didn’t have name street fighter in the title and Ryu in the character select screen? (Real bout was just an example, alot of quality games/series could have been inserted in this paragraph).

Anyway, discuss.

A lot of the old games play similar to each other, but the fact that SF and FF were some of the first refined fighting games gives their names and respective companies a lot of weight. As far as FF:RB goes, i find it extremely boring to play.

i’ve never had the chance to play most fatal fury’s.

i mean i’ve played many a snk in a neo geo, but not really any of the new ones

Every game looks really good until people play with it enough to find all the broken stuff. Then they keep looking really good for many players, but the haters can now build an argument against whatever they hate.

If a game does not get much attention, it gets a freepass from been as explored as the tourney games, and another freepass with the haters, busy hating on more popular games.

Remember the Street Fighter EX series? Yeah…

Many people prefer capcom characters, others prefer SNKs… If fatal fury had the sf cast, it would feel very wierd and inapropriate.
Not mentioning real bout / fatal fury / garou, was always marketed in the shadow of the flashy KOF games, many people started to play real bout 2, but in the end, kof was more atractive. Not saying that kof is better, but its an undeniable fact that most SNK fans prefer KOF to anything else - and that leads to a lesser popularity by the rb series.

The capcom audience rarely touched real bout though, very diferent gameplays…great thread!

I’ve always felt that the reason SNK even had a chance was because their characters were cool and shit and deserved like… their own anime and stuff.

Well, Capcom always upgraded… usually for more balanced gameplay, Blizzard style (starcraft anyone?), and I guess thats why ppl kept playing it. SNK just like… made games to advance storyline mostly and the main audience was ppl who wanted to look cool… doing new supers and whatever.

So if SNK was actually dealing with the street fighter name? I dunno man… I don’t want that.

Yeah the names of things can help them sell. Probably the majority of Hollywood business these days?


I read this as Titties vs gameplay. That’s all I have to say.

Appreciate it dude.

Some good thoughts btw, and i totally agree with you.

Yep, as do quite a few people, but heres a question for you. If it wasn’t called street fighter, didn’t have any street fighter characters, who would remember it then?

That would make a good thread, but fortunately this place isn’t a DOA forum.

I see what you are saying but in the fighting community I think “ego” (if that’s the right word for it) is much more effective.

I do and I still play it.

For me titles only help out so much. But if a game turns you off then it turns you off.

you say what if we put snk characters into a A3 game but name it garou if it’d do any better. For me no, but not because of the game or the system (wasn’t a fan of A3 in general so that might not be a analogy in my specific case) but because of the little things. How they attack, how are they animated when they get hit (big issue with me). For flow of the animation and gameplay don’t do it for me, and even if they put it in a system that I like, unless they change those things then I still wouldn’t play it.

Same thing with SF characters in a garou system type game. Though since I prefer the way SF characters flow and animate I would probably try it out.

I’ve always favored the 6-button attack layout over the snk’s usual 4.

I dunno what thats got to do with it. Say you walk into an arcade and see SF4 and KOFXII side by side. SF4 has 4 buttons and KOFXII has 6 buttons, what you gonna play first? (one with the smallest queue…)

Thats assuming the commercials are actually good. Just cause you see lots of trailers for films, doesn’t mean you automatically watch the one you saw advertised the most next time your at the cinema.

Why do you think that is then?


Thread over.