Titles I Should Be Reading?

K, bear w/ me guys, this is a scrub post, but I want to fill my brain before I go to comic con this year so I can do battle w/ all the other nerds. Here is my comic list, is there anything else that is good right now?

Reading/Read up To:

-All-Star Superman 10
-Invincible 49
-Powers 28
-The Boys 13
-Walking dead 47
-Ultimate Power 8
-Y the Last Man 1-60
-Marvel Zombies 2 1-5
-Ultimates 3 1
-Ex Machina 35
-Squadron Supreme 7
-Seven Soldiers*
-Winter Soilder
-Wonder Woman (Terry Dodson) 1-9*
-Jungle Girl 3
-Mighty Avengers (Cho + Bendis) 1-6
-Justice (Alex Ross) 1-12
-Astonishing X-Men 24
-New Avengers 39

Should Read:

-X-Men: Phoenix - Warsong
-Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth
-Fables ?
-Red Hulk
-Ultimate X-Men (Kirkman) #66
-Ultimate FF (Jae Lee + Waid)

*have but not read yet

Don’t read Red Hulk. It’s written by Jeph Loeb. Ugh… Unless you’re in it for the art or are just a fan of… any version of Hulk, I dunno… Otherwise once you hit the con if you bring up Red Hulk, “They’re all gonna laugh at you! They’re all gonna laugh at you! They’re all gonna laugh at you!” :rofl: The cliff notes? No one knows Red Hulk’s true identity! That’s all you need to know about Red Hulk, really. :looney:

Not for nothing but you read a lot of books already, you shouldn’t have any trouble fitting in. You read All Star Superman so you’re already ahead of the pack! :tup: Just don’t be the guy that asks stupid crap like how did Civil War 2 end or thank Stan Lee for creating Venom. Yeah, stuff like that happened at the NY Comic Con, yeash…

Also check the Convention Thread when it gets closer to the date. Other SRKers will probably go and you might be able to meet some of them, if you haven’t before. :smile:

Oh, read Batman RIP. That’s bound to be a big subject at the con and one of the things you’ll have spoiled for you if you are not up to speed. Ditto for Secret Invasion. If you are going to attend Marvel and DC panels at all, that is.


Thanks Sano, I wish I could + rep you.

Yeah I thought Red Hulk would be good cause even though Ultimates sucked balls, Jeph usually does good work, and Ed McGuinnes is sick. Also, I am talking Ultimates off that list, I read the first one and god damn that series sucks, I know this has been said over and over but wtf Mark Millar you are letting Jeph slap your fucking baby.

Secret Invasion…meh, hahahaha, can I have a Cliff Notes on what happened so far in that? For some reason, it dosn’t seem that hype to me, Skrulls are too cornball for me to be a threat.

Everyone’s a Skrull or can potentially be a Skrull so you can’t trust anyone in Marvel right now! That about sums it up in a spoiler free way I guess. :razzy:

Both New and Mighty Avengers go into SI so you’ll probably learn a lot about it just by reading those 2 books actually, if you continue to do so.

Ultimates…Ultimates…wasnt that the one where Captain America kicks the Hulk in the rocks and at the end Betty Ross gets all wet when Bruce was eating people as the Hulk? sick bitch.

titles you should be reading? Little Nemo!

What’s Little Nemo?

Also, I don’t read Mighty Avengers anymore cause fuckin Frank Cho went off…the ONLY REASON why I read that book in the first place.


Oh wait, it’s on your list. In that case, check out The Middle Man for good old American fun.

Just wait Leob is going to kill the hulk…bet it. :wonder:

Toss DMZ and Thunderbolts onto that list.

I don’t understand why DMZ doesn’t get much love around here. It’s great imo.

The new Thunderbolts run is being written by Ellis…that’s all you need to know.

Ellis is going to leave Thunderbolts for Astonishing x men

Oh yeah read Astonshing xmen too

edit: oops i see you’re already reading it
so ill throw Morrison’s Batman

Thing about Thunderbolts is I don’t know shit about them. My knowledge of Thunderbolts is this: They are a group of supervillians led once by Hawkeye and now Baron Zemo to do good stuff now. That is it, so will I be lost if I start on Ellis’s run (what issue does it start at btw?)

Also, what title of Batman and what issue does Morrison start his run?

Batman #655 Batman & Son part 1

Well its about a group of supervillians working for the goverment and thier job is to catch non-reg superheroes their manager is Norman Osborn and he is the real star of the series

Ellis’ run start in issue 109 if im not mistaken and i also picked it up from there

Batman start in 655 till 675 is the “road to” and in 676 is the start of Batman RIP

Awesome, thanks a lot guys! I really appreciate it, I wish I could +rep you all.

For some reason, I always thought that Batman and Son was an elseworlds story…Batman having a son seems kinda nuts…like bad nuts.

the greatest comic strip of all time, for reals.

fuck garfield.


100 bullets

My fellow followers of the Church of Bru, why have you forsaken this young wayward soul?!

Be healed my son!

Read Captain America and never, ever look back.

Start with the Omnibus and work from there, it’ll be the best thing you ever do with your life.


But he is already reading Cap

Winter Soldier is one arc, he needs the entirety. I could be picky and say it’s the Winter Soldier one-shot, but I highly doubt that.