Tk burn kick help

So i’ve playing around with viper lately, i can do some of the things consistently like FFF to siesmo…

But what’s been plaguing me was TK Burn kick… I figured it was like Cammy’s Tk or anyone else but i haven’t been able to get anything to work. All i get is either a non SJ Burn kick… or the superjump W/o the burnkick or a normal Medium kick comes out.

The inputs I use are the usual…

2149 Med Kick

Any tips?

You must be referring to the low trajectory burning kick. What makes it different from Cammy’s TK strike is that Viper has a super jump, which makes is harder to execute.

Anyway, I can’t nail that input consistently, so instead I use 236963214+K. It may seem longer but I land it more consistently. the 2369 part triggers the superjump, and even before the SJ comes out you hit the BK motion 214+K.

But the longer input means it hard to pull off the lowest possible sjbk consistently.

I’ve been trying to switch to the tk command but my input keeps hitting up on the way to uf and I get a vertical sf bk.

I tried the 23693214+k motion but i can;t get a low one because I do it too slow on a square gate ( hate them octos…) Just can’t to do it right =/

On the left: 214789
On the right: 236987

It’s more inputs but it’s just smoother IMO.

I still just get a jump straight up or forward with no BK. Really don’t get why i get nothing but a SJ.

Maybe i’m just burn kick impaired. thanks for the inputs.

Yeah, Viper’s TK BK is trickier than the Cammy motion.

The timing is slightly different depending if you are aiming at a super jump one or a regular one.

The regular one, you need to hold down a little longer before doing the motion and then press the kick button as soon as you finish your motion.
But for the super jump one, you need to do your motion fast so that it gives you a super jump then wait something that feels like 3 frames for the super jump startup to actually occur then press your kick button.

If you press the kick too soon, you’ll simply get a super jump.
If you press the kick too late, you’ll get a super jump with a simple HighKick attack.

This needs practice, training mode until you get a good feel of the right timing would be the best thing I could recommend.

(PS: I’m saying 3 frames but that’s just numbers in the air, I don’t know the accurate amount of frames it takes, just wanted to express how fast it feels.)

Thank you, now i understand the mechanics a little better for it to work. I gotta take into account the start up frames of the super jump.

Not true for me. It’s through this motion that I can get the lowest trajectory possible. You just have to train your muscles for this motion to be able to pull it off consistently. Don’t worry it really takes awhile to get the hang of it. Took me around 2 weeks before I could pull it off.

It really all depends on what you’re comfortable with. This is what works best for me.

Oh, and I use a square gate as well.

I tested this a while back:

By the way, the lowest trajectory SJ HK burn kick will leave well within 4 big squares from the corner (starting point) in the Training Room. If it goes past that, you’re cancelling too late.

I am sorry for bothering with questions like this but I can’t really understand what you mean by things like this:

“2149 Med Kick”

I’m guessing that the number combination represents movment of the stick but I can’t seem to decode it well enough =) And also what is the exact meaning of TK Burning Kick? What does the TK mean?

Again, sorry for the OT but I checked the Wiki and didn’t find my answer there


2 is down, 4 is back, 6 is forward, 8 is up, etc.

214LP would be a Light Thunder Knuckle.
214789LK would be an Instant Air Light Burning Kick.

TK is what Cammy players use for Instant Air Cannon Strikes, they call it TKCS. With Viper it’s usually called IABK, which means Instant Air Burning Kick.

Thank you. I now understand the meaning of TK. But the number combination confuses me a bit still. Anywhere I can read up on it?

“2 is down, 4 is back, 6 is forward, 8 is up”

This doesn’t make sense to me. Shouldn’t the numbers 8 and 6 switch places? And also how does the number 9 fit into all this? There’s only 8 directions, does 9 mean neutral?

think of it like an upsidedown touchtone phone


always read from the 1st player side, so the number 9 would be upforward.

I find that my TK BK’s come up more consistently if I do the motion with HK followed by MK (or vice versa, depending on which version I want). This is because if there needs to be a slight delay after the SJ, otherwise your button press gets ignored. So I use the first input as a sort of a spacer to get the timing right. Ghetto I know, but it works for me.

Thanks for the help (and “lack” of flaming ^^ )

The way I do the sk TK BK is 632149 + Kick. It’s not really consistent yet but hey I’ve only played Viper for two weeks or so =)

I asked this in the Q&A thread last night, but i think i’ll ask here too. When TKing a BK is there any differences between hitting the MK or the HK? According to frame Data the HK starts up 2 frames faster, but the MK gives u more advantage on block. Would this make the MK the ideal BK to TK?

note: this is all from the left side, on a square gate.

I use a TE, and I find that the easiest way to do it is 319K. I initially found this out while learing IABK, where you have to hold F or DF, then 319k (or 318 for vertical, and 317 for backwards). You need to wait until she leaves the ground to press kick. Immediatly pressing kick after she leaves the ground gives me LTBK every time. If i hold DF and do 319K it gives IABK every time. The motion is kind of awkard at first. Feels like a broken SPD lol.

I don’t understand why people keep saying TKBK. its not a tiger knee motion at all unless you’re jumping backwards… Maybe its just me though.

Try this out though. it works wonders, and the motion is a lot easier for me at least…

Oh one more thing, the 319 motion can be used after just about all of her normals to punish throw attempts. The best ones (I think) are

1-6MP, (hold DF during the overhead), 319K
2-3MP, mp TK, level 1 focus (no cancel, need them to block), dash (after hit), (hold DF during the dash), 319K.
3-In Corner-6 (throw), 6MP (OVER THE BODY), hold DF (which at this point is 1), 137K (croses up)
4-2HK, dash, lk (whiff while holding DF), 319K (crosses up.

I hope this makes sense. There are so many more possibilities. These are the ones i use most often.

I’d just like to say Mossad Man’s method works wonderfully, at least on a TE stick. You’ll either SJ or IABK, every time, and if you accidentally SJ, it’s a matter of timing, not the speed of your fingers. Good find, and thanks.