TK Divekicks



Anyone have any suggestions or tips for executing TK divekicks with Juri? It seems very difficult to time. My inputs generally show

2 1 4 7 7+lk

With an occasional 3 before the 2 because sometimes I’m sloppy, so unless I’m mistaken, I think my inputs are ok and it’s just the timing that is fucking me up.

I’ve been practicing this with random block on the dummy and then confirming into super, ultra, ex pinwheel, or fuhajin store. Right now my biggest problem is executing the TK divekick ._.


Wasn’t there a video where Kail showed his method for doing the TK divekick? I think that he went from 9 6 3 2 1 + K instead of 2 1 4 7 + k.

Since I play on a Hitbox, I hold 2, then press 8 (which gives an up input since 2 and 8 cannot be held at the same time), and the go 1 4 + k

EDIT found it! 5m20s of this video:


The way this works for me is 2 1 4 7 8 9 slight pause kick. I have an oct gate in all my sticks so I feel for that UF notch, make a slight pause, and do a kick. Might be different for square users.


Ahh thanks for the video Unhommefou. And yeah, Matt, I use an octo gate too. I’ll try these methods. Most often in matches I have just been doing a quick jump into divekick, as it’s the only way I could do it consistently, but I want to sit down and see if I can hammer out the actual tk timing.

I’ll also have to try to learn to double tap, as it seems that might help a ton here.


214789K seems to be the most reliable way. 2147<pause>K is the basic input, and the extra time it takes to input 89 basically is that pause.

I don’t see how Double Tapping is going to help here at all since the issue is that *something else *comes out if you mistime.
DoubleTapping helps for things like cancels (eg Juri s.c.HP xx Store) where if you mistime simply nothing comes out;
But here I’d fear it instead increases the likelihood of eg doing a Pinwheel by mistake.
— Uh just watched the vid and apparently it -does- help. Interesting.

Quick Jump into divekick isn’t even close to the same and doesn’t work for most applications (hitting smth like a Midscreen U2 after it is barely possible).
I don’t know why Kail would do Quickdives, that just takes out half the pressure game. Takes so much longer and is way unsafer and… everything honestly.


you’re inputting correctly. 2147 is all you need… i would just guess you’re pressing the button either before she leaves the ground or so late that the buffer is rendered useless. the timing is rather strict but once you get used to it, there’s no problem with that input. that’s the way i do it too.


My advice: I do 2147 really really fast as one motion. Then wait for it, wait for it … and press K. When practicing the timing, for pressing :k: I watch the moment Juri leaves off the ground to around shoulder height.

Doing the motion very fast until jump ensures the buffer lasts maximally long in the air, so you have the most time to hit the kick.


I’ve been having a lot of luck using the 214789k timing, but also have been practicing doing the 2147-delay- k also.

Gotten this as a confirm into u2 a few times now in live matches, feels so flashy, haha. Also seems like you might have to delay the u2 just a tad after the divekick hits in order to not whiff.


it’s character specific so it obviously depends on who you’re doing it too