TK6 Wireless Fighting Stick X360 & PC - Getting it to work

Recently I got myself a Tekken 6 bundle for the Xbox 360. It came with the HORI Fighting Stick, which works okay on the Xbox, but for some reason I can’t get it to work on my PC. I tried searching for a solution online, but I’ve found nothing, and figured this would be the best place to ask.

So, since the stick is wireless, I connect it to my Windows XP PC via the wireless receiver. It connects fine, and the PC recognizes it as an “Arcade Stick (XBOX 360 For Windows)”. The state of the device is marked as “OK”.

When I go to the control panel, I can access it among the gaming controllers connected to my PC. There I can test its buttons, and all buttons 1 thru 10 work just fine. Also, there’s this circle which displays all the direction arrows [8-way] when I move the stick. The circle is labeled “view setting switch” or some such. I’m not on an English version of Windows.

The Xbox button works fine as well, and once pressed, it brings the little bar up that tells you your battery is full and which player the device is connected as. I don’t have anything else connected when I connect the stick, so it’s Player 1, of course.

Now, when I try using the stick to play a game, be it a game written for Windows, or an emulator, the stick doesn’t work at all, while the buttons do. I tried playing some shmups, and I could shoot, drop bombs, etc, but I couldn’t move.

I tried Joy2Key, to configure stick directions to arrow keys, but the program doesn’t react to me moving the stick. I tried the x360ce program as well, but it doesn’t do anything either. The regular Xbox 360 wireless controller works fine. I also used a guitar with Frets on Fire, and it worked fine as well. What should I do to get it working? Is it possible at all?

I’d appreciate any help, but please, be as specific as you can. Believe me, I did try all the simple solution like re-installing the wireless receiver and all that. Like I said, everything connects and works [all the buttons, including the Xbox button], except for the stick. Can’t move around at all. In some fighting games the character will do back jumps all the time, and I can hit, but can’t move him around or stop him from jumping. Again, thanks for your help.

Maybe enable POV switches in Joy2Key, then map the arrow keys to the respective POV directionals.

Holy crap, dude. That actually worked. I left the rest of the buttons unmapped, since they worked from the start, and now it works like a charm. For a moment there, I thought no one knew how to solve this, since all I saw were tutorials explaining how to connect the PS3 version of this stick. Thanks.