TKCS easier(at least for me)



So I put input display on and noticed when I’m doing TKCS or delayed TKCS my motion is actually

P1 side


I was wondering WTF but after testing it was clear because you can jump forward and backwards if you input up and immeadetly up/forward or up/back. I believe this is how you do Zangief’s short jump also. Ok, so I watched some SAKO videos from youtube, like all cammy players do. I noticed sako uses the same exact motion for TKCS and delayed TKCS. This made me happy, at least now I know execution is not holding me back.

21489+K motion “feels” more fluid to me and it comes naturally. Doing 2149+K has a forced feeling whenever I try it. I hope some players will find this helpful.

P.S. as a former Ryu mainer I absolutely love Cammy…The whole game feels different, everyone is crouch blocking and running away and when I finally caught them, nothing better than a proper mindfuck.


Interesting, I found that it ‘clicked’ when I started thinking of it as 2146+K… obviously this isn’t what my hand is actually doing, or it wouldn’t work, but if I think of doing that then the move comes out - meh, what can you do?


Maybe I should try this because when I tkcs my input looks like 6321489… a full spd lol. Trying to eliminate the forward inputs but it feels mad uncomfortable.


@Parag0n: Yeah that’s what my input looks like when I do TK Strikes on 1P side lol. I need to change that.


could someone explain these numbers to me? I don’t get it.


Consider your joystick like a numeric keypad:


5 = neutral
3 = down forward
6 = forward
9 = up forward
4 = back
1 = down back

I’ve always done a mix between 21489+K and 2149+K…


If you are using a keyboard, check the numpad on the right side. Those numbers are something like this


I said it’s easier for me to do TKCS with 21489+K motion. Just check the numpad and figure out the motion. 2 obviously mean down, 4 mean left…and so on.

On a side note, I have a question about one mix up. After HSA knockdown, if you go for empty jump cross up set up, should I plink after it? I mean if my opponent tries to throw wouldn’t that break the throw also?


Oh, ok. I had not realized people were actualy using keyboards. Or I guess rather you guys are using it to explain.


I don’t understand what you mean, if you fear a throw then use a crouch tech.



this is working well for me. Omg I can do tkcs really fast now. I have a little more issue on the right than the left.


Huh…That’s the fuckin point. You know, if I plink I will get and I’m asking if anyone else uses this method for a safer empty jump mix up? Or does it not work?

I thought about this when I tried many times after HSA knockdown to empty jump to, c.lp blockstring and I got always thrown. So If I plinked after empty jump wouldn’t it tech a throw also? Or just press together to make it more simple? Does the waking up opponent recover faster than you hit the ground, or am I just fuckin up the timing?


I don’t but I’m going to try it more often now.


Why would you need to plink cr.LK with your throw? What you’re saying is that you do this to crouch tech:
(input display)

However this sort of plinking may be counter intuitive because the first input you’re doing is :lk:, not the :lp::lk: required for the crouch tech. If your opponent throws on that frame, then you’re just gonna get thrown, because you’ll be in the middle of your :lk: animation and be unable to input your crouch tech input :lp::lk: the next frame.


You just saved me a bunch of headaches trying to TKCS on 360 dpad it got so bad to the point that Id go to the joystick to bait with tkcs. Online I used the joystick for online cant use the pad or id get jumping roundhouse theres so little room for mistakes.


I don’t tech like that. OMFG. Forget it.


don’t get so hostile, when your not being very clear on what your asking…


I get what your saying about trying to tech throws while starting cammy’s basic bnb. I kept running into a similar thing but it happened when id go for a crossup j. lk after hsa. If i hit it too early i would land to be thrown. Pressing both c. lk and c. lp together should work because if they try to throw you, you will tech and if not you get c. lk. You dont need to plink the inputs. Personally I would go for a properly timed j. lk crossup though since it will save you the trouble of having to worry about teching throws.


Wow thanks for this. Now thanks to you I can do the TKCS more consistently on the 1P side.


Thanks for the input. I guess this empty jump is not a good tactic unless you go for a throw/c.spike.


Trying to do it reverse with the same thing in mind works too. its just 23687+k. I do have problems with my thumb rotating it but with some practice I was doing it pretty fast on the right side.