TKxSF Roster Voting (No actual Voting here)


TKxSF Teams
It’s not quite time yet for the TKxSF roster to start being decided, but I figured that since there will be a fan poll on the tekken facebook for the characters maybe we should start making decisions early. Not that we’ll all commit to any one (or several) votes, but I’d like to put my thoughts up, and hopefully you will too.

Basically, if you want to make a roster, just assume that you have complete control over TKxSF’s character selection. I’ve kept to the team style of character selection, but you don’t have to. Also, do not pick more than 55 characters (I picked 54). You can, if you want, put explanations for certain characters or teams you picked.

Street Fighter
13 Teams
Sakura and Sean – Team Apprentice! It’s obvious why they’re on the same team, but I picked these two because I’ve always wanted to see them meet. Also, I think Sean’s brutal style of fighting would fit well in Tekken.
Karin and Rainbow Mika – Team Blonde! We all want Karin, and we all want R.Mika. They’re both blonde white girls, and Karin sponsors R.Mika, so… yeah. R.Mika’s moves would need to change to not incorporate a ring, of course, but besides that I think she’d make a good different grappler. And Karin seems like Sean to me, that she’d fit in a Tekken game.
**Rose and Ingrid **– Team Psycho Power! I’m tired of seeing Bison! Ingrid needs to be in this game because… I mean… Just because! I’ve never been able to play her (Never had a PSP), and I’d really like to. And besides, every new old SF face is a plus.
**Eagle and Birdie **– Team Golf! Get it? Birdie’s a tank, ruthlessly slamming people around, and eagle’s… also from SF1.
**Alex and Abel **– Team Grabby Hands! Every time I look at Abel, I think of Alex. Don’t know if I’m alone in this, but I always wanted to see them fight against (or in this case) with each other. And they’re both awesome characters anyways.
**Elena and Makoto **– Team Visible Bra! I don’t think you can see any other female characters bra in all of Street Fighter. And besides that, they are both excellent choices for anyone’s roster.
**Poison and Hugo **– This team looks great in SFxTK, in my opinion, the best SF team. It would be a sin to not bring them back.
**Gen and Oro **– Team Scary Old Dudes! ‘Nuff said.
Dan and Blanka – Team Saikyo! Don’t kill Dan again. I’m serious.
**Ryu and Ken **– Team Obligatory Males!
**Maki and Sodom **– Team Final Fight! Yeah. Do it.
**Juri and Crimson Viper **– Team S.I.N.! Juri and Viper are the two best designs of SF4 (New characters). Just… try to town down C.Viper’s bust. Just a little. Not so much so that she’s unrecognizable, but enough so that I’m not all like “How can she stand so straight?”
**Chun-Li and Cammy **– Team Obligatory Females!
**Akuma/Shin Akuma/Oni **– The only real boss of the Street Fighter series. Everyone else was just… filler. Bison, Seth, Gill, none can compare to Akuma, even when he’s holding back. You see any of them Hurricane kicking submarines? It’d be cool if Akuma transformed into a Non-Playable boss (Shin or Oni) for the final fight.

13 Teams
**Bryan Fury and Dragonuv **– Team Wreck Yo’ Shit! Seriously, Bryan’s the most beast character in Tekken, and Dragonuv got that whole Wreck Yo’ Shit attitude, inspiring fear in all who meet him.
**King and Marduk **– Team Wrestlers! I mean, ther’e no need to explain that, right?
**Armor King and Jaycee **– Team OTHER Wrestlers! You know, if you don’t want to play King and Marduk. I always liked Armor King, and JayCee is one of Tekken’s new new characters. She needs time to shine. (Yes, I know it’s Julia)
**Asuka and Lili **– Team Young Rivals! I like this team in SFxTK, and see no reason to change it.
**Jin and Xiaoyu –**Team Young Love! I don’t know. They’re cute. And besides, they both need to be in the game anyway.
Kazuya and Bruce Irvin – Team G Corp! I couldn’t think a better team name, sorry.
**Heihachi and Lee Chaolan – **Team… I can’t think of a name. Actually, they all don’t really need names, do they? You get why they’re there, more or less.
Lars and Alisa
Raven and Zafina
Nina and Anna
Christie and Leo
Hwoarang and Miguel
Kuma and Roger Jr.


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