TL tourney in tijuana... sept 6th & 7th

Yeah… this is part of an anime convention… but it doesn’t necessarily make it a fucked up tourney :smile:

Games to be played:

-MvC2 (arcade)
Same rules as every other tourney… double elim, no faggy glitches, dead body infinite etc…

-Kof 98um (ps2)
Same story… official ruleset.

-SSBB singles
SRB ruleset.

-SSBB teams
SBR ruleset.

Date: SSBB doubles will be held sept 6th … all other tourneys will be held sept 7th.

Registrations can be done through this thread or on the spot… on the spot registrations will be happening all day saturday and sunday from 10am 'till 12:40pm

When you pay the cover fee at the entrance (5 dlls), you get to register for the tourney for free… if you want to sign up for an additional tournament there’s a 3 dlls fee per additional tourney.

Location: CANACO conventions center… it’s like 5 mins across the border.
the location’s marked on the bottom right hand corner of the map.,-117.026196&spn=0.074386,0.109863&z=13

I guess it’s not that much really…
120 dlls first place.
50 dlls second place
30 dlls first place.

So i guess you wouldn’t be doing for the money… but just to check the level of gameplay from over the border :smokin:

plus if you’re over 18 u can go bang some hookers or something :tup: