TMNT Collected Book Volume One to be released this July!


I am so buying this.

Still waiting for them to collect City at War. That’s supposed to happen this year too.

I’ma get that too. Leo vs. Shredder was too good.

i used to have some of the books but my brother for some odd reason gave it to somebody’s 4 year old son and now its shredded shit.

I’ll forever hate him for that.

BUT thanks to this new info I can just have him buy it for me thanks!

…and when you get the TPB, smack that kid for sherreding your TMNT comics with it.

This is pretty awesome. I never got a chance to read the OG turtle comics. Just the archies. not that I am saying that’s a bad thing. I still read the Mutanimals arc.

^^Stuart Hayden: Is that a Prize Fighter Inferno promo pic?

ohhh that is so good!!! that is a must get & yes i believe most of r wait 4 city at war as well

Damn the Archies series was actually pretty cool. Wish i still had those. Mutanimals is overpowered awesomeness. Now i gotta get those too

Archie’s reprinting the first few issues of their series, too.

i remember the book 1 & book 2 they used to have back in the the day so i might just get that since its so hard to find now & yes city at war… i’m trying to be patient leo vs shredder FTW

I remember having the TMNT Books II, III, and IV since I was young back then. Though, i’m reading them online again. Takes me back.

Can’t wait to collect them, in book form, again. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up. I had these but they got ruined for water damage :frowning:

I just picked up the entire City at War run for $26, it was a steal.

I’m excited they are re-releasing the original run. I used to have the first collected book but some where down the line it got misplace and disappeared. So I’m definitely picking this one up again. I hope they put together the Return to New York, that was one of the greatest run of turtles. The cover for issue #19 where Raph is laying in the sewer pipe covered in rags, classic.

I was just thinking about the TMNT OG comics today.
I must buy this.

And I’m looking forward to City at War. I have bits and peices of it, but not the full collection, and it’s a pain in the butt to find the ones I need.

Bit of a necro-bump, but I think it’s worth it.

Any way, the book is out now. Should be able to find it, as well as the Archie TMNT “Future Tense” collection in your comic book stores now.

If you need a lil help:

Peeps I know have used this site, and were pleased, overall.

Now, to wait for City of War, and that TV special…

I’ll be picking this up at some point, but until then, I’ve got the FIRST graphic novel of the first arc.

It hits comic book stores this Wednesday. Bookstores get TPBs and things like that earlier than comic book stores do sometimes. So they (Barnes & Noble, Borders, etc.) should have it in stores now and if not then Tuesday, that’s when they tend to get new stuff. Your link saves you a few bucks so that’s cool if it’s better for some. :smile:

Also for any of you that can’t find it at your local shops (none of mine are carrying the collected book volume 1 and only one has Future Tense) I contacted the guys at Mirage asking if they would have a link up on the site to buy and I got an email 5 minutes later saying it should be up in 2 weeks. This is a really great collection to have.

What I never got was how the Turtles never ended up with like, tapeworms.

they go barefoot and live in a sewer, You’d think they’d be rife with disease.

also, what issues does the “City at War” Arc take place in?