TMNT tournament fighter SNES

:rofl: Does anyone remember this game? I still play it to this day.Cybershredder for the win. Does anyone know the tiers? I only play it by myself, and i know i doesnt have a huge following, but i was just curious to see everyone elses take on this game. Michaelangelo FTW:rofl:

i play this sometimes on my snes

cyber and raphy seem to be the best, raphy has great lock downs and throw setups.
thought it was funny mike is a shoto



:sweat:yeah…ratking is just as ghey…for example…


…for the win!:rofl:


Shiidono85 (1 month ago)
No shes not overpowered you just use her powers wrong even my 6years old cousin knows that its stupid and unfair to only use 3-4 different moves (which all are combos or knocks other player down) on fighting games

oops mybad didnt know this had a thread already, hides from mods

I play on CGA. Zbattle won’t work for me for some reason.

we should have some kaillera battles in this soon. I would love the competition.

Other thread is over a month old since last post, and is buried god knows where in FGD.

Anyway, my question pertains to character strategy.

How good is cr.LKx2, cr.LK xx Hard Power Drill, repeat with Raphael as a blockstun loop? Can it be 100% chip with proper timing, and if not, what’s the opponent’s options and their timing for those options?

Also, I’ve noticed something interesting in my time with Chrome Dome, and it might just be only him, but if you input the motion for another projectile just as your animation winds down, should your last fireball disappear, you’ll start to toss another one immediately after the animation from the first ends.

and also:

mikeys not a shoto leo is more a shoto than mikey.

I’ve been playing this again, with my boy ILLiterate. He’s been using Chrome Dome, and Chrome seems like he can hang with the big boys pretty well.

We should be recording matches and putting them up sometime soon, so be on the look out, and if anyone wants to play just aim me at Darklink21

I was thinking about this, not sure if it works

But I DID learn that you can do cr.LK’s into a CPS1 chained cr.HK and then cancel out the lag animation into a HP Power Drill (think like ST Ryu cr.HK xx Fireball) so that might give you a few more frames of hitstun

Also yeah, I’d love to play this with other people, it’s a great game to get people into fighters, as it’s quick to learn and just fun as hell to play

hey guys read the old tf thread. a lot of your questions have been answered outright -

meh, some tf matches of forgotten lore from what was very likely the only TF community in the US (go, NYTFE!). Originally posted on old tf revolution thread in FGD which was apparently buried alive by fighting games that mattered. Old thread had some good info that you all may want to check out if you’re serious about getting into this game (lol?).

Viva la TF revolution and all that jazz :rolleyes:

lol edit:

wtf Sabin came through already (nyc is so serious :sweat:) . But yeah, y’all need to hit up that thread and read up on how you can become part of the revolution (or something).