TMNT: tournament fighters (GRAND CAS CHALLENGE)

any1 up for tmnt:tournament fighters (znes/zbattle) casual matches. i know this game is old but I still play and im looking for serious comp. if there’s any1 interested in learning or simply playing for nostalgic value, hit me up via pm or post.
i’ll b available until about 8-9pm today(6/26).

game format:
time 90
high speed 1
stage code enabled
boss code DISABLED
any cheap shyt u can think of



i’ll play

yo, whats really good magnifico.

hit me up via pm on srk this weekend. i’ll b available AT ANYTIME (i mean it) this sat and sun. give me a specific hour when u’ll b available.

what char(s) do u use? wnut and cdome r my strongest. leo, asuka, war r my favorites.