TMNT: Tournament Fighters in byoc

It’ll probably be on Xbox, anyone down for this tourney?

Use the Genesis version. I’ll show up for that.

The Genesis version sucks more cock than a pornstar.

Idiot, the genesis version was vastly inferior to the kickass Super NES version.


This man quotes gospel fucking truth.

Revelations 4:34 “That genesis TMNT fighter sucked balls.”

yeah iheard the genesis version wasnt even really the same game

didnt it have extra chars tho like casey jones and master splinter adn shit?

That still didn’t make it playable.

Ok, we all know how bad the genesis version sucks. lets get a tourney going.

Look, the genesis version of TMNT:TF is the equivelent of those chinese pirate versions of Street Fighter for the NES.

No seriously, that’s how fucked up the version is.

…lol, since the sarcasm people.

TF at Evo would be dope!
NY is the best in this game!

Oh yes and TF for Genesis is one of the worst fighting games in history on record!
April O’Neil is GodTier!

Casey jones makes the genesis version better.
Cali owns TF.

I like NYC over the world in TF, bet ittttttttttttttt

What?! The game’s playability was along the lines of Time Killers…shiver

ONE awesome character does not make the game better.

Modern Day case in point, GameCube MK Deception. Yes, they have Goro. Yes, they have Shao Kahn.

But that controller sucks for fighting games.

Of course i have playstation to gamecube adaptors. :slight_smile: