TMNT:Tournament Fighters on ZSNES

So, who wants to play? I know there are more than enough ppl on SRK that enjoy this game so lets get it started.

riotofsoul is my AIM handle. Contact me if you want to play. Also, post your IM handle(s) so everyone can more easily find opponents. I’ll edit this post with the handles for easy access.

Rioting Soul - AIM: riotofsoul

Do you play on CGA?

Never heard of it.

Its a p2p client that Supra made for console games. Thats where I and some others play TMNT TF.

Client here if you’re interested.

You should be able to log in as a guest or make an account through the forums which will be your log-in for CGA.

That’s really cool, I’d like to play some Kirby’s Avalanche, Tetris Attack or Contra sometime.

You know you can basically play tetris attack and kirby’s avalanche on mame too. They are in the form of panel de pon and puyo puyo.

I’d rather not even touch Kaillera with a ten foot pole, but thanks for the heads up.

Cool, I just checked my PM box and Supra sent me the info too. I signed up and DLed the program.

ahhh you got the right idea, id like to play some of this and tmnt if yall are down, just need to know what port i have to open on zbattle

lemme know

I"m on right now. I have Zbattle open and I created a game. I’m new to this, am I supposed to have zsnes open now or will it start when someone joins?

I’d join but I hate zsnes… that is such a hideous DOS based emu. I’d rather use snes9x snes900z with P2P kaillera mode.

Played some games on Zbattle today just to see what it was like. I played some Europeans with bad attitudes. Aside from the tedious dropping game from various win streaks, some would actually try and “counter” match me or at least wait till I pick my char. Some would actually mirror match me the whole game and still couldn’t win.

I beat one guy so bad that he would start downloading my rom then stop in the middle, which seems to make my rom disappear lol. I just re-unzip from the rar, but he did a good amount of times.

Zbattle is serious business.

Yeah, I played on ZBattle today, too. I played Super Mario Kart with someone and it was pretty damn fun. Seems like there are a lot of non Americans that go there but the lag is seemingly nonexistant.

I played an administrator on CGA yesterday in Tetris Attack and he absolutely made me look like I was just born. It seems like ZBattle was much easier to use since you have to forward ports in CGA, but I’ll be checking both out more often when I’m not in 2DF or GGPO.

Whenever I try either somebody comes in expecting to play with a 56K connection, someone comes in and leaves instantly, somebody comes in and say they want to play something other than TMNT:TF(it’s in the fucking title), or somebody comes in and I can’t start the game.

I still haven’t played online.

EDIT: How do you forward ports?

Thanks for the heads up on CGA. It seems like a good program and I was able to connect but the guy I tried to play didn’t have the same umm, “file” I did.

Anyway, I am having trouble connecting to the Zbattle client. It says can’t connect.

I have NO router, and the version I’m using of Zbattle is 1.09 SR-1 Beta. Should I be using another version?

I had trouble connecting to ZBattle today as well.

Could be wrong about that, because I use DMZ hosting. That means all my ports are open or forwarded so there is no configuration necessary . If you have a router you can set your ip for dmz hosting (192.168.x.x) This option is found in your router’s web interface config which you would normally access through I have verizon fios and they have this option under Wireless Settings and I just set my ip for dmz.

You’re the man. I’m at a friend’s place at the moment, so I can’t try it just now. Just wanted to thank you for the detailed help.