TMO Gaming Raffle - We have a WINNER!

While viewing the threads we have noticed there are many people who cannot afford a stick. We have been fortunate in life to have people help us so we would like to pay it forward. We will be raffling off this blank stick for free, the recipient will have to pay the shipping. We ask that only people who truly cannot afford a stick enter the raffle.

The stick is one of the first we did as TMO Gaming, it is a blank stick and does not include any buttons or a joystick. It features a super bright LED and is wired for PC, all you need to do is hook up your buttons and joystick, we will label the wires for you so you know what goes where. It does have some flaws: it is on the larger side (14 x 9 x 3), the finish has some bumps and nicks, the bottom plexi has a few scratches and as Pak4life has pointed out the JLF mounting height is 2mm too high but for only the cost of shipping we though it would make someone a nice start.

This stick is provided as-is and winner pays shipping.

**To enter:
Email, PMs will not be accepted.
The following info must be included in your email or you will not be entered:
Put Raffle in the subject line
Your SRK user name
Your Real Name
Your Shipping Address **

If you know someone who needs a stick but cant afford it please let them know about the raffle. Again, please only enter if you truly could not afford to purchase a stick.

The raffle will end @ 8:00 p.m. PST on Saturday, August 11, 2007. We will contact the winner via email and announce the winner Sunday morning.

This is really cool of you guys to do.

Good luck to all the contestants.

very cool. good luck to everyone :slight_smile:

TMO, you are the man. I’d rep you again if I could.

I have a question about the button placement, how come the placement is different on the second picture when compared to the first and third pictures? :x

Still good though.

I’ve gotta fight the urge to enter but I won’t, there are far more deserving people. Like everybody else I think its awesome you’re doing this.

Thank you for this opportunity.

Optical illusion? Maybe the 24mm start button is throwing us off.

Or its that darned TMO Custom Layout Morphing Technology :nunchuck:

Rep to you for doing something this good for the community.

Repped you as well. Good stuff, TMO.

lol not to sound like a total douche, but… you sure you’re not confusing the stick for being flipped upside down on the 2nd pic, and right side up on the 1st and 3rd? O_O

Thats what it would seem. He can’t see the short button so he is confusing the start button for the jab and the actual jab for short.

The button he doesn’t see.

I wonder if I can enter…
I can’t say I can’t have a stick or afford one, but I like TMO’s work, X_X

Also pmed ya TMO ;).

I can’t afford to purchase the stick right now hehe, but I have been fortunate with great customers so far, so even if I do win, can’t accept it. So if I by some miracle win, It won’t be going to me, it would be going to family, though I entered because Raffles are fun ;).

good job tmo…I like the idea.

BTW, what type of pcb is in there??? I assume it’s a PC pad…

how nice :tup:

i know someone who might be interested

It is a USB Gravis Game Pad Pro. With CPS3 and Dreamcast emulation, if your monitor is big enough, the PC is a viable system these days.

So if we have friends that would be interested in this raffle that are not SRK members do they need to join SRK to be eligible?

Awesome idea, good luck to whoever enters!

Good one! We really hadn’t thought about that. The idea for the raffle came from some of the posts we’ve read on SRK where people have said they wish they could afford a stick. Given that, we would like to keep this within the SRK community.

For anyone who might be entering to give the stick to someone else, our intention was to give this stick directly to someone who could use it.

We don’t want to get to complicated with rules and such, just please if you can afford or can make your own stick, please do not enter. This raffle is intended only for people who cannot afford to purchase a stick.