TMT Request Thread V.2

well since my last request thread was so successful i decided to make another, so welcome to V.2 of my request thread :smiley:

to see my old thread so you can preview some of my work please look here


  1. Don’t ask for something ridiculous like “can i have Akuma doing raging demon to Britney Spears” OR “is there anyway i can have Sakura playing DDR” no i will not do something like that so don’t ask. most of you can comprehend what a good request is

  2. As other taggers here have said please make sure your request is on ONE thread only. i’d really hate to take my time on your avatar and then you go request in another thread completely wasting my time. if this happens i’ll just delete your avatar and move on to the next request

  3. Some requests might get declined and with reason mainly because i don’t want to do it. i’ll take most of the requests but there is just few i won’t do.

  4. Try to take it easy on the avatars with real people. its not that i won’t do them its just i prefer not to.

  5. Be Patient…your request will get done its just i have a life besides making avatars & tags so don’t rush. you can’t rush art

  6. There are other requests ahead of yours so don’t get mad if i say i’m doing your request and its not done yet. BACK OF THE LINE BOY!!!

  7. Please provide some pics of the character/s because i may not know who it is.

  8. If you have an idea of exactly what you want then be specific otherwise i ask for total creative control

  9. NO TEAM REQUESTS!!! sry but i just don’t like doing them

there thats my conditions. pick-ups will be on this page so look here after i say its done

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Red Samurai


720 [ :: Hugo :: ]

Draig [ :: Millia Blue :: ]

Sold Out [ :: sol badguy :: ]

Rock On [ :: rock raging.s :: ]

Aspen [ :: Mag light :: ]

PyschoClown [ :: spawn smoke :: ]

Hyper Bomber [ :: yama blue :: ]

Grand Master [ :: Serv Fall :: ]

Mitsukai [ :: GGXX :: ]

sixtymhz [ :: Ibuki :: ]

Mas [ :: Testa/Red :: ]

Killerjin [ :: Jin Evil/Good :: ]

Laternal [ :: Psylocke :: ]

combofied [ :: Sakura,shoshosho :: ]

now start requesting and have fun! :smiley:

Hey man. I dig your avs. I could use a new one. Is it possible to fit in Alex from SF3, Yamazaki from KoF, and Strider from MvC in one av? I don’t mind whether it’s pictures or sprites, whatever you think looks cool. The only other thing is I’d like my Xbox gamertag on it(which is Colt Steele)instead of my SRK username. If that sounds doable, thanks in advance.

Hey man I’ve been tryin’ to get you on aim but its not happenin’, anyway wanted to see if you finished my Rock av? And hit me up too.

hey man … ur Av’s are the sh!t… I wanted a s!ck av so my friend said to come here… i wanted to know if u could make cable throwing a grenade in the air and a big blue explosion in the air… if u could make it animated that would b FukCing AWSOME but if not itll stilll b da Sh!t… youll b very much appreciated

HyperBomber - sorry man but i don’t do Team AVs (condition #9)

Steel - haha yea no problem man, its been finished for awhile i’ll send it to you over aim

combofied - can you find me the grenade throwing sprite?

TMT, no on has taken the avatar that I requested

if you need anything for making it, ask me and i’ll find it.

i dont wanna bite off a ur sh!t but could u make it like urz but just cables pose when he is in the air after he has thrown a grenade… and unstead od the orange explosion make a blue one… that would b the shit … and i swear to you if i knew what a sprite was i would send you one…

something random::::lame:?:confused: ?:lame:

combofied - find me a picture of the pose and i will

Grand Master - well thats kind hard to do since there are like no Servbot/Kobun sprites, it would also be hard to make a robe around him

Hey tmt can you make me a magnus av where he has a lot of swirling power spinning around him and have really cool glowy effects for that background that matches with the swirlyness. and can mag be recolored to white and dark purble.

I see, but are you taking it ? If yes i’ll start my search on the sprites need for this or anything else. Servbot has really made me proud so I really want this avatar…

DragonGod - no your an AV Whore

Grand Master - if you find me sprite yes

rates thread 5

Hey man could you make me one of “Akuma doing a ragging demon on britney spears”?

:lol: j/k

Sup TMT, its been too fuggin long, my computer dosent have internet anymore, so basicily, im retiring from SRK, just fo a lil’ while…

Um but yeah, make me a sweet av of the pic attached…
Um Bg… come up with something… I wanna see how much you’ve improved…:evil:

Thanks again… oh yeah, could you make it rather quick?
I wanna use it like tonight… peace


Yo TMT i wonder if u can make my av now…the AV can be like the one i got now or be creative (which ur good at) o ya take out soom and put sentinal.


                           p.s. WOW HOW SUCCESFUL UR AVATAR MAKING HAS BEEN.. CONGRATS.:D :D :D :D :D :D

hey man can you make me another av? this ones awesome but i would like a new one.can you use this kyo sprite? if you can’t use it, use whatever kyo thing you can find just i would prefer sprites over artwork. yeah my name on it and a snowy background cool? and whatever else you feel like putting in (just not the flashing stuff anymore, i don’t know why but i’d rather not have it) yeah anthings cool. thx even if you can’t do it :slight_smile:

Aspen1910000 - ok yours is done pickup on first page please :smiley:

wow 2 pages already and 100 views :lol:

EEK - OMG!!! EEK!!! wow thanks man, that really means alot coming from you :slight_smile:

PsychoClown - oh i see man, that sucks. anyways yeah i’ll try to get your AV done by tonight

Master Chibi - wow thanks for the sprite, maybe i can do his AV now :stuck_out_tongue:

Merdoc - ok tell me the exact team you want because i do not! want to make another team av again haha :lol:

guado - ok i got you :slight_smile:

Well it isn’t exactly a team it’s just my 3 favorite characters…and condition#7 said you’d do multiple characters up to 3. But anyway, can you just do something dope with a Yamazaki av then? With the same gamertag.

good job on your last thread TMT.
you’ve gotten alot better since the start of your old one.

i remember i shut down my request thread way back, because i was getting too many requests all at once(PMs and IMs included). i just couldn’t handle it, cause it was killing my inspiration.

Allright!!! post five stars :wink: