TMX Arcade Stick. The Second GEN. Fight Stick

Hello people

The TMX Arcade Stick is ready now. I tried to fix all problems with the old Fight Stick. The new stick is more effective and very friendly for professional fighting games players.

Price : 129 USD

You can buy it from

  • Case Size is: 40 x 22,5 x 6 CM
  • Supports Brook Universal Fighting Board
  • Metal Case
  • Special Automotive Paint ( Purple-Black - RED )
  • 1MM Lexan PVC. Same material which used on the Candy Cabinet Control Panels. (It was Pleksiglass before )
  • USB Quick Disconnect
  • Supports Sanwa, Seimitsu, Korean Joystick and others. ( Only Sanwa and Seimitsu supported before )
  • Interchangeable Layout System. People can choose their favorite layouts. Including Hitbox . (Check the pictures please )
  • Stainless Steel Layouts
  • L3/R3/Toucpad Buttons have been added. ( It wasnt supported before )
  • DP/LS/RS Switch has been added. ( It wasnt supported before )
  • Custom PCB for Easy Wiring. Solderness Design for all the layouts.
  • Aluminium Feet
  • Harnesses for Button And Joystick.
  • Metal Sticker with Serial Number for Each Arcade Stick


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