TN! August 25 T5DR Tourney @ Fun Fair Arcade

Games: T5DR, 3rd Strike (PS2), and Guilty Gear Accent Core

Date: August 25, 2007

Where: Fun Fair Arcade
----------6475 E. Raines Rd
----------Memphis, Tn. 38115

ENTRY: The entry fee is $10, and standard double elimination (3 round matches) for each tourney.

The tourneys will start at 4pm bring it!!

If you are participating in the event, then plz post!!

well i might enter 3rd strike just for the hell of it…but u kno as well as erbody else in TN, MvC2 is my game but just for the hell off it ill do 3rd strike if enough people sign up

This time, there WILL be a 3rd Strike tourney. Here’s a list of the ppl that I KNOW ARE entering:

my bro

we had 5 entrants last time, but this time will be different.

For those that can not make it EVO come on down. Unfortunately we will not be running Tekken. 3s and GG are on for sure.

no Tekken? you guys run that shit! If not, then Guilty Gear is officially the new game.

I myself won’t be able to go to evo as well this year, but would be more than please to come to memphis to play you guys in 3rd strike. I have a friend that I used to date from millington(I think that’s the name of the area) and I might stay with her but if not where do you guys recomend for me to stay at that’s close to the tourney. Also is there a way possible that you all can throw cvs2 into the tourney??? Oh yeah, I’m coming out of jackson ms.

Yea I was thinking about doing CVS2 at least some casuals. Millington is fine. Just send me a PM or e-mail and I will give you my number so you can call when you get here. I live in Cordova which is not that fair from Millington so I can tell you how to get to the arcade

Is anyone coming down for sure. Only 10 days away

Nagi: I am thinking about it, but can you guarantee enought entrants for 3s is the question…?