TN! Fun Fair Arcade GGAC Tourney, Aug. 25, 2007! BRING IT!

August 25, 2007

Fun Fair Arcade
6475 E. Raines Rd
Memphis, Tn. 38115

The entry fee is $10, and standard double elimination (3 round matches).

The tourney will start at 4pm bring it!!

Go here for up to date information

I want to do it right.
At least this. This will only be ran if I get at least 10 pre-reg not including myself. This is very important. Plus this time around there will be a 3vs3 tournament and singles tournament. The format of the tournament is going to change to make up for time and make the tournament better for all. I hope that also we can run Third Strike the correct way. With ya’lls help. Pre-Regs on that also.

Yes, lets do this one right. Third Strike, Guilty Gear Accent Core, LETS GET IT POPPIN`.

Let`s get it

Shame I am going to miss this one. Memphis players need to come to Nashville for some major 3s comp now.