Tn ranbat 8/29 sf4 results

21 people entered:

  1. Eugene (Fei Long)
  2. Grand Viper (QCF Punch) (M. Bison)
  3. Warees (Zangief)
  4. CHarlie (Guile)
  5. (tie) Kris Nelson (Guile, Rufus)
  6. (tie) Phil “KrazyKorean” (Ryu/Honda)
    7.(tie) Linuka (Sakura/Ryu)
  7. (tie) Cale (Honda)

How many more ranbatz before the end of season?

4 more until the end of the season…

vids of fei beasting?

i have a youtube account still…

*you owe me a rematch in marvel :arazz: