Tn sf4 ranbat #3 results 4/25


  1. 300 LB EUGENE (Fei Long)
  2. TIGERBOI “Max” (Ken)
  3. Phil (KrazyKorean) (Ryu)
  4. GRAND VIPER (M. Bison)

Fei Long?! :lovin:

did 300lb laugh the entire tourney?

Pretty much.

At least this time the switch out from pad to arcade stick wasn’t as bad in the past but still took up too much time. It was all fun and games!

Congrats to everyone at the ranbat. Sorry if i haven’t been to the last 2 ranbats. Been dealing with exams and shit. I’ll definitley be at the next one.

Lets have a Rodent-free ranbat

My mouse trap money?