TN THREAD - Dateline: How to catch a Oni


Welcome to the TN thread. We have Arcade Edition. Come play with us.

If you host gatherings and would like for your info to make its way into this OP, please PM me or contact me on AIM
The hub of the Nashville scene:
Game Galaxy Arcade
5252 Hickory Hollow Pkwy, Suite 2005, Nashville, TN 37013
Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-9pm, Sun Noon-6pm

The hub of the Memphis scene:
Gatherings take place every Wednesday from 7:00-10:00 PM at Hastings in Cordova.
Hastings is located at:
1245 N Germantown Pkwy, Memphis, TN 38016

The hub of the Chattanooga scene:
Gatherings take place bi-weekly Mondays from 6:00-10:00pm @ Buffalo Wild Wings
5744 Highway 153, Hixson, TN 37343
(Bring your own controller, both 360/PS3 present)

The hub of the Clarksville scene:
Every Wednesday from 5:00 P.M. - 9:00 P.M.
Play-N-Trade 1604 Madison Street
Clarksville, TN 37043
(Please bring your own controller)

Upcoming Tournaments!!!


Game Galaxy
5252 Hickory Hollow Parkway
Antioch, TN 37013

Saturday, April 23, 2011
System: XBOX 360 or PlayStation 3

$5 entry
$100 GUARANTEED TO THE WINNER of the 1st Tournament!**

Please bring your own controller if possible.

Video of the now (thanks Graham) [media=youtube]fM2pQXXbLPY[/media]


Yay. 2 more days until I go back to Nashville. Can’t believe I actually said “yay” coming back to TN, LOL


Mid day boredom postin’

OH wow.

A fireman manning the coastal flood defences at Rikuzentakata took this on his cell phone, with his crew running to their truck and getting the hell out as the water swirls around them. The whole thing after the first minute is absolutely terrifying, and I still don’t know how the hell they got out of there alive.


Post so tapatalk directs me straight here.

New thread title makes me think of:


Need to know if anyone has a tournament planned on April 2nd cause if not I am going to schedule a MvC and SF tournament in Cookeville.


March 26th is the first (unofficial) day of Spring Break for UNA so I might be able to swing this one. :tup:


I think the ones in the OP might be all, all I know of so far anyway. Those are all at GG, big big tourney day lol. If you want to hold one, hit me up with details and I will edit them into the OP


Anyone hear rankings on ssf4 teams?


posting in the new topic post’s post postacious postily post haste


I found a video on the internet, and then I remixed it.



That was pretty great.


So does anybody wanna play tonight?


quick shoutouts from final round.

grats to everyone from tn that did well in their tournies, especially 10x for making it the farthest in ssf4 singles.
yay andrew. gj sending mike ross in to losers, as if i didnt dick ride you enough all weekend. just remember that mike ross is ass and only wins because he plays a good character. (lol puerto rican sagat)

gj majin for making top 8 in tekken, and cody making top 16. i don’t know much about the game, but i loved watching majin’s king. the law player in his top 16 match got eaten alive.
cody, i can relate to how frustrating it can be to have no competition in your game from your area. be proud that you did so well. it shows how talented you are at the game. if you had regular practice with top players, you would be ridiculous. i was getting hyped in your last match. after that clutch low parry, i was expecting you to rally back and take the set. good show.

i had a good time in atlanta with you guys. i love being a part of this scene and all of you all are the shit. was good to be out of the state for a while, as the whole last week had been depressing with the death of ashley’s twin brother. these weekend tourneys and gatherings with you guys are usually what i look forward to the most after a long week of school and work.

i need to remember that sf is a game and meant to be fun. i never get down about losing to any of you from tennessee, but i really beat myself up went playing bad at a major. it’s time for me to leave sf alone for a while now. im too busy with school stuff anyway, but a nice long break is probably going to help my play later on.

the most fun i had was definitely playing in marvel singles. if my pool didnt start while i was still there for street fighter, i was probably going to dq myself. i had only been playing sf before hand, and it was the only tourney i cared about. my pool had ryry, yipes, floe, and derrick legend in it, but i was blessed with only having to play derrick in the second round. with deadpool spamming and the magic of sentinel, on top of a good bracket, i pulled out way more wins that i ever expected. i plan on playing marvel more, but i think it’ll only be a matter of time before i wont have any desire to play online, and will have no one else down here to practice with. hopefully i wont get too bored.

it’s back to the daily grind for me now. still trying to get over the fact that i lost around $600+ worth of stuff in atlanta, but i guess shit happens. if anyone here stays in contact with shinblanka, ask him if a bag with a ps3, 2 sticks, speakers, and some other random stuff got turned in. i’m sure its long gone, but i’ve sent him a message on srk and havent gotten a response yet.


Who has fixed RROD and what guide did you use? I do not want to use the towel trick unless it is my last option. btw i have googled it and there are alot of guides. I just want to know who has used one that works.


I have fixed probably close to thirty xbox 360s now. It’s really easy to fix but you need some specific tools.

I have a friend in murfreesboro who can fix them. He charges more than me though. He works conveniently close to the arcade too.

If you want to fix it yourself I can suggest places to get your stuff.


I have tons of electronic tools. I just really need to have a guide on how to repair and know what tools so that i can make sure i have them all.


The banwaggin begins. No one was playing Spencer before please dont lose your pride n play him now ;_;

Jacob- Seen that Captain Infinte!!! Oh yeah get ready to catch that this weekend hows that for flashy? That’s how I pick em


Look up “x clamp fix”. It’s the most used and successful method of ‘fixing’ it. Basically it entails reseating your heatsinks with screws and reflowing the chip.


I worry more about the she hulk band wagon I’ve never even seen one played online


Thanks iQuick. I live 3 hours away from M’Boro so i would have to find somewhere local.