TN Thread: Johnny Nutsacks Bizarre Adventure!


Lol. No offense to Justin and Maxninja of course :slight_smile:


That’s a pretty good simulation of all the people who bitch about Cammy.


See the unity of the Bison players.


Bison players are some of the bitchiest players in the community.


Insert Alannis Morrisette here.

Though in other news, Injustice might be worth sitting down with. It’s weird as hell and takes some getting used to, but it has interesting concepts.


Tournament at Game Galaxy coming up on May 18th, make your plans now!

SFAE2012, Injustice, and UMVC3!!!


Black Adam is awesome!!!


I just thought it was funny. I actually don’t mind Cammy that much myself, at least she’s a SF character.


I still can’t develop a decent opinion of injustice. I sat In training for a few hours. And think I’m finally starting to get it. It has a tekken/mk feel. I’m no a fan of mortal kombat tho


Once thing that helped me is realizing the the strings have to be dialed in. However, the special move cancel usually has to be input during the hitting phase of the move you are trying to cancel.

So if you are doing 113 xx qcf1, you enter 113 quickly, wait then input the special during the hit of 3.

Confusing, I know.


GG’s to sev in injustice. Deathstroke is a cheap fucker, and makes the game no fun at all. He’s going to get hit with the nerf stick like no tomorrow. It’s really hard to get around that shit and you can barely jump over his projectiles and Raven can’t use reflect.



Sorry about that, just…the salt…HAHAHAHAHAHA. Ok I’m done, just playing with you, I can understand the frustration.

No really though, DS has some extremely bullet hell shit. So Raven can’t reflect them? I assume she can reflect other projectiles. TBH I did not expect him to be so zone-heavy. It’s week one though, I bet we will see some changes to the game before long, it’s almost guaranteed NRS never gets things 100% on first release.


Well he is the only char I have had time to learn at all and he got a day one nerf already which he needed in that his sword flip is now unsafe. There is a huge thread on test your might about how to get around his stuff. In general though if he does MB the machine gun then the grenade is an overhead. You just have to stand block it. His machine gun is also terribly punishable from anything less than half screen. The regular guns can be ducked and the crouch ones do very minor chip dmg. The thing I dont think people get yet is he doesn’t have to zone if he doesn’t want to. He has a fine mix up game as well which I was pushing the last few matches and I think really good players will make him scary.

Abe- Because his bullets count as multi projectiles so they eat armor and reflects for free. Raven did get one successful MB reflect that got me though.

As of now he is a step down from Van sagat IMO. I think the talk of him being mad OP is really early. He is good no doubt and if he stays this way could be a top five char but I mean the game isnt even a week old and people are screaming for nerfs. Maybe as more stuff is found its warranted but damn the game needs to breathe some.


Also, so backdash is supposed to be amazing in this game. Something to do with backdashing out of strings…


Who wants to play? I have some free time for another few hours


Yeh it’s hard to reflect without getting hit. Wonder Woman can’t do it well either. Your deathstroke’s the only one Ive had trouble with all others can’t zone for long till I get them. I mean he’s not god tier lol. I just have to be patient like I had to be with Harley. She really can’t do anything from long range but when she got in finally she was trouble. But we def should play more.



Also, if you haven’t already, please like the Memphis Fight Nights Facebook page. I am seeing a jump in recent new player activity on there, so any additional activity from the established players would be beneficial. I know not all of them will sign up here at SRK, so any additional support from you guys is appreciated, esp from the locals. It could be as easy as RSVPing to the weekly fight night event so ppl can see potential turnout and such.

Thanks in advance.


I just got a monster on an Inspirion laptop today. Anybody interested in some AE or SFxT in 3D at Fight Night tomorrow?


Is anybody going to FN tonight?