TN Thread: MWC/SBO is in 10 days! MK/SFAE/Tekken6/ST/Arcana/SmashBros/MVC3//BB

So it looks like I “might” not be able to make to fight night tonight

I have a copy of TTT1 and a new copy of T6 coming in with of course TTT1HD coming out in fall…I’m looking forward to getting back into it all.

look at Johnny doing his best O impression


O is gonna be reading that shit to Ruy Paez from day one watch.

lol @ Josh. I was going to post that earlier today but SRK was down. Having SLJ read it is the icing on the cake! Im going to read it to my kids when they decide sleeping is not on the table for discussion! (not really, but maybe…)

I actually could see O reading this to little Ryu! lol


Hey guys, there are a few more spots left for the last division of the Southwest AE league. If anyone wants in register @
You can find everything you need to know about the league there too.

Dang we are not in the Southwest though

Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaahaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaa…FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAART!!!.. Now all of you go F&*K to Hasting so I can test my Yang(no homo). 8)


@panda: What is this for? Just like shits’n’giggles? And out of curiosity, why does every division only have 12 players?

I think we may later tonight, just depends on when i get off work

A lot has changed since I came here last. Although I won’t make to MWC, I wish the best of luck to all who are going. Once I get things settled out I try to start going to the Memphis Ranbats.

It’s for fun and bragging rights. I just opened this up Tuesday and I’ve already gotten 40 players registered. I plan on doing a lot more with this in the future, like team leagues and tournaments. I’m giving players something to compete in with the rest of the players from this region. I know TN isn’t ‘‘southwest’’ but you guys border Arkansas and we are making an exception for TN. Each division only has 12 ranks right now because it’s new. I had to get the divisions filled up as quickly as possible. If I were to have started off with more ranks in each division, it would have taken longer to get this thing going. My plan is to make each division bigger as more people join. You guys should all join and have fun with it. It doesn’t take a lot of your time or energy and you can represent your area. I’ve already received a decent amount of registrations from TN. Just visit and fill out the blanks! Make sure you guys bookmark the page and visit back to find out who your next opponent is and where you’re ranked.

Like that avitar pic, maaan. 8)

… . . . .BUUuuuuuuuuuuuHhahahahahahahahaaaaaaahahahaaaaaaaheheheehehe…HEHEheheeeheheheeeheehehehehehehehee

ha thanks mike, and yeah im still debating if im going to MWC…who knows i might have a video shoot or something then. But im sure our paths will cross again someday, and have a down to the wire match. And Cody, that made me cry man! If theres no TTT2 till 2014…it might as well be for ps4/xbox720/wiiner…Hopefully they will change their minds.

Namco waited 2+ years for Tekken 6 to come out. Capcom and Namco do things a lot different.

Whoops, didn’t see Cody already posted.

Anyone gonna be at GG tomorrow (Thursday)? Thinking about hitting it up for some AE practice after work. I get off at 3:30 and can head straight there.

Any takers? Pat? Jake? J Wiley Coyote (Footsius spacingus)?

I’ll be there all day Friday. You gonna be up there then?